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B. E. Nelson tells of fight for Fratt School  No YearRacineRacineView
Can't come home, but sends relics  No YearRacineRacineView
Career ended  No YearRacineRacineView
Historical spots to be marked in Racine county  No YearRacineRacineView
Impressions of Fratt School  No YearRacineRacineView
Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Smith celbrate golden weddingNovember No YearRacineRacineView
Saint Luke's to celebrate 90th birthday SundayOctober No YearRacineRacineView
School day memories  No YearRacineRacineView
Something about the new school now known as the N. D. Fratt  No YearRacineRacineView
Thousands line streets at Cooper rites; notables attend  No YearRacineRacineView
Historical room in new court houseDecember161831RacineRacineView
From the Thirty-first RegimentJanuary301863RacineRacineView
The defenders of the flagFebruary221865RacineRacineView
Wisconsin frontier lifeNovember201869RacineRacineView
A good man gone homeJanuary151887RacineRacineView
Biographical sketches of col. wm. l. utleyMarch051887RacineRacineView
Mrs. sarah milliganAugust041887RacineRacineView
Pioneers at Union GroveJune281895RacineRacineView
The Early SettlerJune171896RacineRacineView
From 1834 to 1852February051897RacineRacineView
Retirement of Byron B. Northrop as bank cashierNovember161901RacineRacineView
Day of pleasure for vast numberJune171904RacineRacineView
Old postoffice is being razedMarch101905RacineRacineView
Old records are foundDecember151905RacineRacineView
Old settlers abolish duesJune291905RacineRacineView
Veterans talk of war timesSeptember201905RacineRacineView
All veterans wear medalsFebruary211906RacineRacineView
Last services in old churchMay211906RacineRacineView
Baptist church in retrospectOctober141907RacineRacineView
Came to Racine sixty years agoOctober091907RacineRacineView
Directory of '49 first oneNovember051907RacineRacineView
Majority of mayors deadOctober301907RacineRacineView
Took part in noted battleFebruary281907RacineRacineView
A bit of historyJuly031908RacineRacineView
Recollections of Racine during early period of the rebellionJune201908RacineRacineView
German church five and sixtyDecember131909RacineRacineView
An hour or two with "old boys"December051910RacineRacineView
Cap. Jas. Easson an early settlerSeptember101910RacineRacineView
Capt. W.B. Vance in a reminiscent moodJune181910RacineRacineView
Mrs. Eliza Emerson at century markFebruary141910RacineRacineView
Mrs. Susan C. Bunce tells of pioneer daysJune251910RacineRacineView
Bull Run Battle fifty years agoJuly211911RacineRacineView
Chauncy lathrop came to racine 67 years agoApril081911RacineRacineView
Church observes 60th anniversaryFebruary061911RacineRacineView
Pioneer days in Racine, as related by a pioneerJuly051911RacineRacineView
Yorkville woman recalls incidents of early daysMay101911RacineRacineView
60 years of married life; combined ages make 173; aged Racine County couple have interesting historyJune181912RacineRacineView
Ein Jubilaum in RacineJune301912RacineRacineView
Golden jubilee of big churchJuly011912RacineRacineView
Tells story of Lee's surrender on anniversaryApril101912RacineRacineView
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