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Indians hold big pow wow  No YearShawanoShawanoView
Teaching the IndiansFebruary171895ShawanoShawanoView
Three Indian oratorsJanuary081896ShawanoShawanoView
Wisconsin cities - ShawanoJanuary181913ShawanoShawanoView
Famous Indian deadApril061916ShawanoShawanoView
40 years ago in ShawanoSeptember141922ShawanoShawanoView
Anniversary of Indian TribeOctober301922ShawanoShawanoView
Church reaches fiftieth yearMarch301922ShawanoShawanoView
Indians observe their centennialNovember021922ShawanoShawanoView
Last of mohicans living in wisconsinDecember111922ShawanoShawanoView
Indians' Bible kept in vaultJanuary171927ShawanoShawanoView
Indian, 102 years old, to attend reunion of civil war regimentJune161928ShawanoShawanoView
Mrs. Winans tells early historyJune211928ShawanoShawanoView
"Old Timers" live again in huge historic spectacleMay301930ShawanoShawanoView
Will install thirteenth pastor in special service friday eveOctober291931ShawanoShawanoView
Writer recalls episode in Stockbridge historyOctober271932ShawanoShawanoView
Romantic story of Shawano toldMarch201934ShawanoShawanoView
Indians to recover land in state by federal planMarch171935ShawanoShawanoView

Page 1 of 1 (18 Records)
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