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Fruitful SpartaJuly06No YearMonroeSpartaView
Pioneer Journalism  No YearMonroeSpartaView
[All men returned from Mexico]  No YearMonroeSpartaView
Governor Rusk's address to the 25th Wis. Vols.June091887MonroeSpartaView
Reminiscence of John BrownSeptember091903MonroeSpartaView
First church choir in SpartaJuly141905MonroeSpartaView
Sparta historical museumAugust311906MonroeSpartaView
Glories of Sparta, Wis.May221908MonroeSpartaView
Sparta, Wisc.November281912MonroeSpartaView
Ninetieth birthday of Bruce E. McCoyNovember061919MonroeSpartaView
Congregational women's celebrates golden jubileeOctober281920MonroeSpartaView
Entertaining of aged folks a most enjoyable eventOctober211920MonroeSpartaView
First newspaper in Monroe county was fugitive sheet printed on one side onlyMarch281920MonroeSpartaView
Spart--the beautiful was named by Mrs. Petit, mother of the first white settlerFebruary151920MonroeSpartaView
Woman gave Sparta name in year of '56February021922MonroeSpartaView
Bank of Sparta celebrates 65th anniversaryJuly261923MonroeSpartaView
Beaver creek article recalls childhood daysFebruary131923MonroeSpartaView
Sixty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the bank of SpartaJuly261923MonroeSpartaView
Just rehearsing their partsJuly171924MonroeSpartaView
My first impressions of SpartaFebruary281924MonroeSpartaView
Recalls early Sparta days, when Saturday night 'hops' drew elite of MadisonApril201924MonroeSpartaView
Historical sketch of Morrow memorial homeSeptember071925MonroeSpartaView
Seek to name camp for McCoyOctober151926MonroeSpartaView
U.S. approves of Camp McCoyOctober211926MonroeSpartaView
In days of old  1927MonroeSpartaView
Sparta chosen as seat of Monroe County 73 years ago this monthMarch271927MonroeSpartaView
Propose to name Sparta camp for cushing brotherApril291928MonroeSpartaView
Blyton park at Sparta named in honor of pioneerAugust061930MonroeSpartaView
Large crowd attends golden jubilee services at Lutheran ChurchJune261930MonroeSpartaView
City park dedicated in honor of W.H. BlytonJune041931MonroeSpartaView
Globe Hotel, oldest building in Sparta, once leodged pioneer travelers driven in stage by JEremiah Rusk, former governmorMarch081931MonroeSpartaView
Bank of Sparta celebrates its golden jubileeJuly271933MonroeSpartaView
Indian once roamed at will through scenic Monroe County Valley where historic castle rock stands guardSeptember231933MonroeSpartaView

Page 1 of 1 (33 Records)
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