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Battle scarred confederate flag found here after a 60 year hunt  No YearDouglasSuperior CityView
Comrades pay tribute to Rev. O.A. Britton  No YearDouglasSuperior CityView
The man who made itJune09No YearDouglasSuperior CityView
Upper Wisconsin in history and romance - no. X. Indian inhabitants in 1665July03No YearDouglasSuperior CityView
The NorthwestJuly161856DouglasSuperior CityView
Out of the PastOctober231890DouglasSuperior CityView
Ancient hosteleryDecember191895DouglasSuperior CityView
Iowans' banquetDecember111895DouglasSuperior CityView
Philetus Sawyer's propositionMarch031895DouglasSuperior CityView
Superior long agoDecember191895DouglasSuperior CityView
First boats to SuperiorJuly231898DouglasSuperiorView
Ancient historyOctober011899DouglasSuperior CityView
Leader leafletFebruary211900DouglasSuperior CityView
Problems in city lifeFebruary061900DouglasSuperior CityView
It's not a bit fickleMay141901DouglasSuperior CityView
Some Superior historyJune151901DouglasSuperior CityView
Stormy day yarns on Lake SuperiorJuly211901DouglasSuperior CityView
Qualres starts his campaignOctober141902DouglasSuperior CityView
The old settlers live over again happy days spent here in '50'sDecember131902DouglasSuperior CityView
Early newspapers in SuperiorJuly181903DouglasSuperior CityView
Before Soo openingDecember231904DouglasSuperior CityView
Col. Hiram Hayes his storyDecember161905DouglasSuperior CityView
Judge Smith is the new presidentJanuary141905DouglasSuperior CityView
Memories of the 50's: recalled by yuletideDecember221906DouglasSuperior CityView
Old letter in verse tells of the stirring road-building days of '62February101906DouglasSuperior CityView
Sundry cures for bibliophiliaDecember151906DouglasSuperior CityView
Superior in early daysMay251906DouglasSuperior CityView
Tells of early days in cityDecember151906DouglasSuperior CityView
Isles of Lake SuperiorMarch221907DouglasSuperior CityView
Isles of Lake SuperiorMay241907DouglasSuperior CityView
The Romance of SuperiorMarch301907DouglasSuperior CityView
Wisconsin's first Odd Fellow lodge, pioneer in northwest territoryJune011907DouglasSuperior CityView
Menomonie, Wis., the city of schoolsMarch211908DouglasSuperior CityView
Old settler tells of early-day travelDecember091908DouglasSuperior CityView
Old Settler's reminiscenceJuly191908DouglasSuperior CityView
Sells old homesteadMarch261908DouglasSuperior CityView
Superior history made every dayJanuary141908DouglasSuperior CityView
Memorial to pioneer jurist, the late judge clough, is givenNovember141910DouglasSuperior CityView
Pioneers also feast on talksDecember151910DouglasSuperior CityView
Traditions of the pioneer days recalled at old settlers' meetJuly231910DouglasSuperior CityView
Old Settlers hold meetingDecember131911DouglasSuperior CityView
Search for picture of fort that afforded protection for superiorites in early '60'sNovember101911DouglasSuperior CityView
Pioneer prophecy made in year 1859 is about to be fulfilledJuly181914DouglasSuperior CityView
50th jubilee of ordinationJuly121915DouglasSuperior CityView
Beginnings of SuperiorAugust201915DouglasSuperior CityView
Indian chief recalls days when Superior was scence of bloody battles between red warriorsFebruary171915DouglasSuperior CityView
Old settlers at annuam picnic recall early days around head of lakesJuly291915DouglasSuperior CityView
Bardon heads old settlersDecember131916DouglasSuperior CityView
Poorhouse of interesting history soon to give way to structure unique among institutions of kind in U.S.July181916DouglasSuperior CityView
Superior as it ws in '55September121916DouglasSuperior CityView
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Page 1 of 3 (140 Records)
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