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Early history of WatertownFebruary091852JeffersonWatertownView
Correspondences of the Watertown DemocratSeptember261861JeffersonWatertownView
The old settlers' meetingJune261889JeffersonWatertownView
Why the name was changedMarch121906JeffersonWatertownView
Recover picture of first settlerMay011907DodgeWatertownView
Veteran editor visits old homeJuly 1907JeffersonWatertownView
Brief sketch of public schoolsOctober241908JeffersonWatertownView
Historic residence to be sold by sheriffSeptember251908JeffersonWatertownView
Dr. W. W. Reed tendered banquetOctober181909DodgeWatertownView
Golden jubilee at St. Paul's ChurchSeptember201909JeffersonWatertownView
First high school in WatertownOctober111910JeffersonWatertownView
Schurz-heim zerstort:das historische haus ist ein raub der flammen geworden (Schurz Home Destroyed. The historic house is stolen by flames. No water pressure)December131912JeffersonWatertownView
St. John's to commemorate eventSeptember141912JeffersonWatertownView
Has resided here for many yearsMarch141913DodgeWatertownView
Gen. Henry BertramOctober101914JeffersonWatertownView
Two golden weddingsMarch051914JeffersonWatertownView
Civil war days are recalledApril261915JeffersonWatertownView
Das Northwestern College [Northwestern College, Watertown (Wisconsin Synod Lutheran) celebrates its 50th anniversary]May161915DodgeWatertownView
Dr. Whyte recalls early circus daysAugust211915JeffersonWatertownView
Early day tavernsDecember271915JeffersonWatertownView
Letter written by Carl SchurzJanuary291915JeffersonWatertownView
News of surrender fifty years agoApril131915JeffersonWatertownView
Old landmark to be replacedJuly141915JeffersonWatertownView
Watertown prepares for big celebrationJune171915DodgeWatertownView
Watertown's veteran railroad manJanuary121915DodgeWatertownView
Interesting letter by S. M. EatonNovember161916JeffersonWatertownView
John Muth appointedMay111916DodgeWatertownView
Peters shanty went out with flood in 1904June221917JeffersonWatertownView
Pioneer Ixonia lady works for Red Cross at age of 93 yearsMarch131918JeffersonWatertownView
City's history interesting to many touristsJuly131922JeffersonWatertownView
Dairy dedication at watertown todayFebruary041922DodgeWatertownView
Dairy jubilee men who started wisconsin to leadership as dairy stateJanuary291922DodgeWatertownView
I. S. Sherwin, the aged traveler is about to retireJuly101922DodgeWatertownView
Pioneer tells of early struggles with wildernessNovember121922JeffersonWatertownView
Forty-eight years with one railwayFebruary091923DodgeWatertownView
Horse thieves and counterfeiters infested Watertown in early day, according to historical statementAugust261923JeffersonWatertownView
Noted Watertown church in jubileeNovember251923JeffersonWatertownView
Wreck pioneer tavern for fuelJanuary281923JeffersonWatertownView
57-room house is landmarkApril131924JeffersonWatertownView
Colony of scholars sought odd trades in early Watertown daysAugust021924JeffersonWatertownView
Lewis co. stage contest during 50th anniversaryJanuary111924JeffersonWatertownView
Octagon shaped house a curiosityJanuary281924JeffersonWatertownView
Reminiscences of early days in WatertownFebruary011924JeffersonWatertownView
Memorial park for city now assuredFebruary181925JeffersonWatertownView
Watertown und umgegendApril241925JeffersonWatertownView
Fed redskins to pacify themOctober311926JeffersonWatertownView
St. Paul's Church is 80 years old SundayNovember191927JeffersonWatertownView
Watertown, the birthplace of America's kindergarten!September071928JeffersonWatertownView
Bank of Watertown thronged today on diamond jubileeAugust031929JeffersonWatertownView
Kindergarden will be marked Thursday eveningApril301929JeffersonWatertownView
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Page 1 of 2 (70 Records)
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