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History group plans member campaign here  No YearBrownGreen BayView
Arrange program of winter meetingDecember071904BrownGreen BayView
For cooking of captivesMarch081905BrownGreen BayView
Tank cottage is to be preservedOctober191907BrownGreen BayView
An historic site marked by tabletAugust121909BrownGreen BayView
Discovery of Wisconsin by Nicolet, 1634August111909BrownGreen BayView
Wisconsin Historical Society conventionAugust141909BrownGreen BayView
Plans progressing for erection of liberty poleOctober061915BrownGreen BayView
City inaugurates plan to celebrate flag raising hereMarch071916BrownGreen BayView
Early Elkhart Lake settlersSeptember 1921SheboyganSheboyganView
Interesting and valuable curiosity added to museumApril031922BrownGreen BayView
First church in Green Bay was erected near home of De Langlade on Stuart-St.May191924BrownGreen BayView
Historical Society activities in 1924 covered wide rangeFebruary141925BrownGreen BayView
Unveil granite marker on historic site on ThursdayOctober211925BrownGreen BayView
Arthur C. Neville tells of early ferries at Green BayMay191927BrownGreen BayView
City history pictured in art exhibitsJuly231927BrownGreen BayView
Local historians survey site of old Indian townAugust171927BrownGreen BayView
Badger folks and foiblesJune101929BrownGreen BayView
Historical society bulletin will be continued, reportJuly181929BrownGreen BayView
Most of city's historical spots are now markedOctober311929BrownGreen BayView
Museum given $ 5000 bequest for exhibitsDecember031929BrownGreen BayView
Mr. Neville is reelected head of historical groupApril071931BrownGreen BayView
Historical group enjoys white rapids pilgrimageSeptember031932BrownGreen BayView
Local historical society accepts pilgrimage inviteAugust301932MarinetteMarinetteView
T. A. Pamperin gives park to history groupJune231932BrownGreen BayView
History bulletin will be published occasionally, planMay181933BrownGreen BayView
Women extend campaign for Nicolet celebrationMay171934BrownGreen BayView
Photographs of historic houses shown February021935BrownGreen BayView

Page 1 of 1 (28 Records)
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