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Honor to the chiefJune031888WinnebagoOshkoshView
Three Indian oratorsJanuary081896ShawanoShawanoView
Statue of OshkoshJanuary241897WinnebagoOshkoshView
Chief oshkosh and his last visit to the cream cityAugust301898MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Story of OshkoshJune231903WinnebagoOshkoshView
Chief a brave manJune211911WinnebagoOshkoshView
Memorial to the chieftain of the MenomineeJune211911Winnebago View
North Park is gayJune221911WinnebagoOshkoshView
Oshkosh's new monumentJune221911WinnebagoOshkoshView
Plug hat was a jokeJune201911WinnebagoOshkoshView
Praise for chief. oshkosh is laudedJune151911WinnebagoOshkoshView
To the Menominee ChiefJune241911WinnebagoOshkoshView
Mural paintings in Supreme Court  1914DaneMadisonView
Court record tells of trial of chief OshkoshApril291917WinnebagoOshkoshView
May remove indianJanuary111917WinnebagoOshkoshView
Fighting chief oshkosh victim of fire waterNovember071920WinnebagoOshkoshView
Court room painting depicts first Badger criminal trialSeptember061922DaneMadisonView
Golden jubilee of St. Mary's academyJune241922CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
St. Mary's present historical pageantJune131922CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Grandsonof Cheif Oshkosh is versed in Indian legendsOctober221925WinnebagoOshkoshView
The oshkoshes move to oshkoshOctober111925WinnebagoOshkoshView
Menominee Tribe won reputation for honesty and truthfulnessNovember121927Winnebago View
History of Oshkosh family is traced in talk by local manOctober011932WinnebagoOshkoshView
Chief oshkosh's mother born at little suamicoJanuary031933OcontoLittle SuamicoView
Neglected grave of wife of Oshkosh pioneer found near old trading post, to be rehabilitatedOctober251934MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView

Page 1 of 1 (25 Records)
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