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Last of Wisconsin's Winnebagoes hold reunion  No Year  View
Presidents aid in parish work  No YearDaneMadisonView
History of first Congregational church issued in book formMay051916DaneMadisonView
Officials help lay cornerstoneOctober101921DaneMadisonView
$250,000 church plannedDecember311922DaneMadisonView
Birge home, union site, built in 1883May211922DaneMadisonView
Chief justice won admiration of allFebruary131922DaneMadisonView
College's 75th anniversary commencement week to open here Saturday nightJune161922RockBeloitView
Great church canvass will comb MadisonOctober181922DaneMadisonView
Madison fish hatchery first in U.S.July021922DaneMadisonView
Stage is set for unveiling of Hoard memorial at universityFebruary021922DaneMadisonView
Crowd of 3,000 sees dedication of new churchOctober291923DaneMadisonView
Dedication of new First Evangelical church will take place June thirdMay281923DaneMadisonView
First Baptists will celebrate diamond jubileeJanuary051923DaneMadisonView
Lutherans to gather here for church openingOctober261923DaneMadisonView
Madison offers Yeomen home siteMay281923DaneMadisonView
Thousands will see dedication of church todayOctober281923DaneMadisonView
Anniversary, installation mark church programOctober111924DaneMadisonView
Throng attends church serviceOctober131924DaneMadisonView
Academy of Sciences dedicates giant boulder to Prof. ChamberlainNovember111925DaneMadisonView
Chemist to study effect of sewage plant on lakesMarch051925DaneMadisonView
City plans to honor president BirgeMarch151925DaneMadisonView
Dedicate $1,000,000 hospital tonightApril291925DaneMadisonView
Dig up huge "niggerhead"October091925DaneMadisonView
New institution is needed unit to help fundlessApril301925DaneMadisonView
Research studies of president birge fine university exampleMarch031925DaneMadisonView
Oshkosh portrait painter sought small city, quiet: merton grenhagen in front rank of state artistsFebruary271927MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Bishop to conduct St. Andrew's ritesApril011928DaneMadisonView
Probing the secrets of Wisconsin lakesAugust251929Vilas View
Point with prideJanuary131930DaneMadisonView
Congregationalists see conerstone secretsOctober031931DaneMadisonView
Special honor for educatorsNovember051931MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Dr. E. A. Birge, now 83, still studies fish and how to preserve themJune171934MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
As artist I chose sencerity over gain, greenhagen saysNovember241940DaneMadisonView
Experts birge, 90, juday, 71, plan a full years, as usual, studying state's fish lakesMay241942DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (35 Records)
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