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G.A.R. veteran who tells story of war  No Year  View
Army correspondence  1862  View
Army correspondence. August 1862  View
From the 12th Regiment  1862  View
Resignation of captain mcleod  1862  View
From the Twelfth RegimentJune161863  View
The 12th Wisconsin on Copperheads--patriotic resolutions  1863  View
The old court house and the prospective new oneMay061884DaneMadisonView
The same old boysJanuary241885DaneMadisonView
County of Dane - historicalJanuary311887DaneMadisonView
Great loss of the Grand ArmyFebruary271904DaneMadisonView
The capitol fireMarch271904DaneMadisonView
A field once suggestive of grim war, and even yet the scene of bloody gridiron battlesNovember291908DaneMadisonView
92,000 soldiers sentDecember 1909  View
From log cabin to finest rural school in Wisconsin is fifth district recordFebruary141915DaneMadisonView
Madison Guard first to tender service for Civil WarMay041916DaneMadisonView
State seethed with activity in April, 1861, war startingMay081921DaneMadisonView
12th Wisconsin to hold reunion hereJuly211922  View
The guards of early yearsFebruary231923DaneMadisonView
The Madison MaennerchorFebruary131923DaneMadisonView
Madison's guard for governor was organized in '58January171926DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (21 Records)
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