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Second Battle of the Battle AxeJanuary151887CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Black Hawk WarOctober151891RockBeloitView
Remnant of a RaceJanuary201894DaneMadisonView
Black Hawk TreeMarch311905CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Blackhawk War trails in Rock Co. who'll help complete the records?May201907Rock View
D.A.R. erect monument at Fort AtkinsonJune091907JeffersonFort AtkinsonView
Rare collection of old Indian relics found about Ft. AtkinsonJanuary171915JeffersonFort AtkinsonView
24th encampment Spanish War VetsJune161923JeffersonFort AtkinsonView
Event of the Blackhawk WarJanuary181923DaneMadisonView
Will have charge of 200 dancers in historical pageantJune191923RockJanesvilleView
Beloit in days of indians and early settlers reviewedMarch091925RockBeloitView
Early days in Fort AtkinsonSeptember031925JeffersonFort AtkinsonView
Historical field meeting at tower hill parkSeptember031925IowaMineral PointView
To unveil tablet at landmark meetAugust281925DaneMadisonView
Black Hawk War overrated say pioneersDecember221926CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
100th anniversry of Black Hawk WarDecember291927JeffersonFort AtkinsonView
The pioneer story of Fort AtkinsonAugust201927JeffersonFort AtkinsonView
Beloit Historical Society will mark Lincoln camp siteJune201932RockBeloitView
Black Hawk crushed in conclusive battle just 100 years agoJuly211932CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Black Hawk, escaping, fled through city 100 years agoNovember281932  View
1932 marked centennial of stockade which gave city of fort atkinson its nameJanuary071933JeffersonFort AtkinsonView
What changes took place in 47 years and how this city looked 20 years agoJanuary181935JeffersonFort AtkinsonView

Page 1 of 1 (22 Records)
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