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Oldest house in the Northwest built in 1776  No YearBrownGreen BayView
A quaint old homeNovember171895BrownGreen BayView
An Acadie of the westMay111907BrownGreen BayView
Tank home is in Union Park July251908BrownGreen BayView
An historic site marked by tabletAugust121909BrownGreen BayView
Wood in frame cottage at Green Bay 125 years old still in nearly perfect conditionOctober101918BrownGreen BayView
Stories of Wisconsin: The oldest house in WisconsinMarch131921BrownGreen BayView
100 years of law in WisconsinJune221924  View
Historic crucifix is loaned to county historical societyAugust011933Langlade View
The life and the times of jacques porlierDecember161954BrownGreen BayView

Page 1 of 1 (10 Records)
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