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Early "Wiskonsan"  No YearDaneMadisonView
Governors of Wisconsin  No Year  View
Prairie du Chien historicalOctober15No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Relates story of establishment and growth of Madison  No YearDaneMadisonView
Sketch of Gov. James D. Doty  No Year  View
State's population was only 22,214 living in 6 counties when first legislature met  No Year  View
Wisconsin's territorial representatives in Congress.February17No Year  View
Indian namesDecember191840  View
Early times in WisconsinOctober 1855  View
Incidents in the early judicial history of Wisconsin. - No. 3April021870BrownGreen BayView
The aborigines of AmericaMarch051870BrownGreen BayView
Lake Mendota "landing"July 1872DaneMadisonView
Historical addressSeptember061883KenoshaKenoshaView
Judge Doty's courtJuly131884DaneMadisonView
The tax-payers' mansionApril131885DaneMadisonView
Wisconsin's early daysSeptember121885DaneMadisonView
County of Dane - historicalJanuary311887DaneMadisonView
Wisconsin governorsJanuary031887DaneMadisonView
An historic houseMay311893DaneMadisonView
Big land contestJuly031895DaneMadisonView
Famous Neenah treesDecember081895WinnebagoNeenahView
March of regularsOctober131895  View
Early WisconsinSeptember261896DaneMadisonView
The Early SettlerJune171896RacineRacineView
People with memoriesMarch141897DaneMadisonView
Wisconsin's first poll listMarch181898CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
A. Gov. Doty nightApril041900WinnebagoMenashaView
Governor Doty selected the site for MadisonJanuary251900DaneMadisonView
Legends of Butte des Morts.February031900WinnebagoMenashaView
Wisconsin's houseless paper citiesFebruary151903MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Early days. The name "Neenah."September211905WinnebagoNeenahView
Was Wisconsin wrongfully deprived of northern Illinois and northern Michigan?January151905MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Wm. Pandleton and early daysSeptember161905WinnebagoNeenahView
A delightful trip down the old historical Fox RiverMarch081906WinnebagoAppletonView
Capital city's first saw millApril011906DaneMadisonView
Might save old Belmont CapitolOctober141906LafayetteBelmontView
Naming of the ancient FoxNovember271906WinnebagoMenashaView
Oldest church in city of Green BayJanuary191906BrownGreen BayView
Some accurate early Madison historyFebruary201906DaneMadisonView
An Acadie of the westMay111907BrownGreen BayView
Early days in the Fox River ValleyApril171907WinnebagoMenashaView
Fox River record of great interestMarch031907Outagamie View
Jubilee a successOctober071907WinnebagoMenashaView
Names and namingJuly121907WinnebagoMenashaView
Naming the Fox RiverFebruary221907Outagamie View
The Madison of territorial daysMarch311907DaneMadisonView
In early daysJuly121913WinnebagoNeenahView
An early Madison festivityApril021915DaneMadisonView
Early history of Neenah-MenashaFebruary151915WinnebagoNeenahView
Became Madison resident seventy August301916DaneMadisonView
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Page 1 of 3 (142 Records)
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