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Lutherans celebrate seventy-fifth anniversary  No YearDaneKoshkonongView
Western Koshkonong Church is 80 years old  No YearDaneKoshkonongView
A fighting preacherJuly211895MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
A notable event: West Koshkonong Lutheran Church celebrates their 75th anniversaryOctober031919DaneKoshkonongView
Observe 75th year of lutheran workSeptember071919Dane View
Romance and history of Luther Valley Church congregationOctober081921RockJanesvilleView
East Koshkonong Church is eighty years oldOctober121924DaneKoshkonongView
Skoponong Church has an 89th birthdaySeptember131924JeffersonSkoponongView
Congregations of 15 churches to attend eventJuly101929Rock View
Skarkrud house has historyNovember171929DaneRockdaleView
Old daysSeptember261933JeffersonKoshkonongView
Old daysNovember181933JeffersonFort AtkinsonView
History of W. Koskonong Church begins with the early settlersAugust221934Dane View
Old days: Pioneer altar preserved in churchAugust311934DaneChristianaView
W. Koshkonong Church observes 90th Birthday  1934DaneKoshkonongView
Old daysApril071935DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (16 Records)
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