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Cemetery purchase opposed as "folly"  No YearDaneMadisonView
Drum Major John Catlin  No Year  View
Madison's postal service  No YearDaneMadisonView
Relates story of establishment and growth of Madison  No YearDaneMadisonView
When the war broke out he immediately enlisted as drummer boy with the Eighteenth Wisconsin volunteers.  No Year  View
Railway legislation: review of recent acts by Hon. Moses M. StrongMay071874  View
County of Dane - historicalJanuary311887DaneMadisonView
Stoner's memories: Story of early Madison told by one who arrived in 1837June061896DaneMadisonView
Early bar of MadisonMarch231900DaneMadisonView
More of George Stoner's stories of early MadisonMarch091900DaneMadisonView
Catlin and ClarkJanuary271901DaneMadisonView
Catlin and ClarkJanuary221901DaneMadisonView
Madison 63 years agoJanuary201901DaneMadisonView
Madison 63 years agoJanuary201901DaneMadisonView
Early recollections of MadisonNovember261905DaneMadisonView
From small road to a big systemMarch171905RockJanesvilleView
The Madison of territorial daysMarch311907DaneMadisonView
Grace church will be fifty years old FridayFebruary111908DaneMadisonView
Bit of HistoryMay021909DaneMadisonView
Many trials and failures are recorded before success rewarded the builders of one of this country's greatest transportation systemJuly131917Milwaukee View
Earliest routes into MadisonAugust031919DaneMadisonView
Early boating roundabout MadisonJuly271919DaneMadisonView
Eighty-two years this very week came to Madison the first permanent settlers, Simeon Mills and A.A. BirdJune121919DaneMadisonView
Legislature of 1837 made land grant to establish universityNovember301919DaneMadisonView
Old time inns had vital part in early history of MadisonNovember161919DaneMadisonView
Oldest date in Forest Hill cemetery 1770, but James Sinclair, buried there, three years olderMarch301919DaneMadisonView
Early "Forties" saw growing influx of settlers in MadisonJanuary041920DaneMadisonView
First railway passanger train entered city November 15, 1871November151921PortageStevens PointView
Early constructionMarch211922DaneMadisonView
Early Madison churchesMarch261922DaneMadisonView
Many celebrated citizens are buried at Forest HillJuly021922DaneMadisonView
Thirty-five years agoJuly301922DaneMadisonView
Chapel at Forest Hill is memorial to John Catlin, first lawyer of Dane Co.May251924DaneMadisonView
Church clings to the squareMarch081924DaneMadisonView
Sketch of Madison made 67 years ago shows view from present Olin ParkJune011924DaneMadisonView
Madison chapter of Royal Arch Masons to observe 75th anniversary here August201925DaneMadisonView
Milwaukee road linked closely with history of State of WisconsinMarch201925  View
First Madison hostelries offered primitive luxuryMarch201927DaneMadisonView
Log cabin, original postofffice, was vanguard of MadisonFebruary141929DaneMadisonView
Madison's diamond jubilee marks city's magic growthMarch151931DaneMadisonView
Religious work here began in same year Madison was settledMarch041931DaneMadisonView
Catlin's house antedated Peck's--but it burnedJune251936DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (43 Records)
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