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City waits appraisal on proposed park siteSeptember191920DaneMadisonView
Warner urges city aquire park siteSeptember191920DaneMadisonView
Big Albion picnic revives memoriesJuly151921DaneAlbionView
Donate beautiful spot on lake shore to Madison Mendota Y.M.C.A as camp siteMay151921DaneMadisonView
Michigans in fight for badger landMay201921DaneMadisonView
World's most beautiful capital cityMay081921DaneMadisonView
City Chautauqua will be revivedJuly091922DaneMadisonView
Group of badger lawyers move to purchase ancient court buildingJuly161922DaneMadisonView
Rotary Club would further creation of better Madison and countyJuly021922DaneMadisonView
Citizens to have voice in deciding University Avenue extension planAugust241924DaneMadisonView
Re-assessment may boost city debt by million if figures show increasesAugust171924DaneMadisonView
South side men would acquire shore for parkMay271924DaneMadisonView
Tract of land offered to city to be utilized as lakeside parkJuly291924DaneMadisonView
Alderman order steps taken to acquire tractsFebruary141925DaneMadisonView
Council changes purchase plan for West side highMay091925DaneMadisonView
East side park development urged to build up planMay061925DaneMadisonView
Monona Lake Shore restoration and new drive visualized with sketch of park foundation workMarch291925DaneMadisonView
New Land offer cinches deal with city for centerMarch051925DaneMadisonView
Report closely guarded against premature 'leak'May221925DaneMadisonView
Citizens pay high tributes to olbrichOctober101929DaneMadisonView
M. B. Olbrich commits suicideOctober101929DaneMadisonView
Michael Balthaser OlbrichNovember171929DaneMadisonView
Name city tract olbrich park, mayor asksOctober121929DaneMadisonView
Park system built up by M. B. OlbrichOctober101929DaneMadisonView
Pay tribute to Olbrich at funeralOctober121929DaneMadisonView
To Michael B. OlbrichOctober121929DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (27 Records)
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