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Presidents aid in parish work  No YearDaneMadisonView
Program Thrilled City  No YearDaneMadisonView
An historic houseMay311893DaneMadisonView
Madison's historic old homes are picturesque---also draftyFebruary051917DaneMadisonView
Reminiscences of early MadisonSeptember161917DaneMadisonView
Antiquated city hall is true historic structureJuly051922DaneMadisonView
Wisconsin "White House" born same year as Republican partyJune041922DaneMadisonView
Notable visitors--du Chaillie the dearest to boys and girlsFebruary141923DaneMadisonView
Ole Bull, Norwegian violinist, appeared in Madison in 1868February031924DaneMadisonView
Calumet CountyJanuary241926  View
Historical record of county carried in story of treesMarch201927DaneMadisonView
Making a home of the governor's mansionFebruary101929DaneMadisonView
Executive mansion has historical backgroundMarch021930DaneMadisonView
Wizardry of Storm Bull to revive dead gloriesNovember191930DaneMadisonView
New Norway of Ole Bull is still a pathless wildMarch151931DaneMadisonView
Ole Bull, famous violinist, born 121 yrs. ago ThursdayFebruary061931DaneMadisonView
Woman recalls rapture at ole bull's concertSeptember271931DaneMadisonView
Old billiard hall Madison's lone memorial to Ole BullFebruary051932DaneMadisonView
Ole Bull, famous violinist, born 121 years ago Jan.6January051932DaneMadisonView
Vikings pay homage to Ole BullJune041932DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (20 Records)
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