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First house in Madison, 1837  No YearDaneMadisonView
Relates story of establishment and growth of Madison  No YearDaneMadisonView
The pioneersJune111884DaneMadisonView
Early Badger peopleFebruary231897DaneMadisonView
People with memoriesMarch141897DaneMadisonView
Stoner's memoriesApril081897DaneMadisonView
Early MadisonDecember031899DaneMadisonView
An early Madison festivityApril021915DaneMadisonView
Henry Roethe not first "walking assemblyman"February031915  View
Building of state's first capitol was tedious, costly jobNovember091919DaneMadisonView
Early boating roundabout MadisonJuly271919DaneMadisonView
Early Madison historyJuly131919DaneMadisonView
Genesis of Wisconsin's capital citySeptember071919DaneMadisonView
Madison springs into being from group of eight "paper cities"October261919DaneMadisonView
Baraboo now as big as Madison 60 years agoMarch291920SaukBarabooView
Famous Wisconsin treeDecember051920DaneMadisonView
Is auto putting end to traditional sport of boating on lakes?August151920DaneMadisonView
Capital celebrated first July Fourth 85 years agoJuly021922DaneMadisonView
Madison's first social life saw existence in one room log house on bank of MononaNovember101922DaneMadisonView
The first house built by Eben PeckJanuary171923DaneMadisonView
Madison women who have made state historyMarch171927DaneMadisonView
Survey for first capitol was made just 90 years agoMay021927DaneMadisonView
Madison's beginningApril141929DaneMadisonView
Thanksgiving day first observed here in 1838November261930DaneMadisonView
Madison's diamond jubilee marks city's magic growthMarch151931DaneMadisonView
Time was when Madison disported itself with gay evening trolley partiesMarch041931DaneMadisonView
Catlin's house antedated Peck's--but it burnedJune251936DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (27 Records)
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