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Did he commit perjury - an effort to enlighten mr. pecksniff   No YearDaneMadisonView
Narrative of little tin box, throws sidelights on early days in La CrosseDecember23No YearLa CrosseLa CrosseView
Letter from hon. s. d. hastings, state treasurerJuly121858DaneMadisonView
Letter from Treasurer HastingsAugust241859DaneMadisonView
[Sale of Wisconsin bonds]August081861DaneMadisonView
An example worthy of imitationApril241863DaneMadisonView
Treasurer Hastings and the discredited currency.February071863DaneMadisonView
A very pleasent affair--re-union of the employees of the State Treasurer's office 241865DaneMadisonView
S. D. Hastings dies at EvanstonMarch261903BrownGreen BayView
History of first Congregational church issued in book formMay051916DaneMadisonView
March of progress sweeps away the old court houseJune281917BrownGreen BayView
Ripon 'diamond' program readyJune031929Fond Du LacRiponView
Judge Hastings to celebrate his 89th birthday ThursdayJune181930BrownGreen BayView
Congregationalists see conerstone secretsOctober031931DaneMadisonView
Early industrial developmentJune251936DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (15 Records)
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