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Corrections to obituary of Col. E. A. Calkins  No Year  View
Historians, old news files show March 4, 1856 as city's birthday  No YearDaneMadisonView
Old settlersJune111881DaneMadisonView
State pioneer associationApril201883DaneMadisonView
Auld lang syneMay061884DaneMadisonView
The old court house and the prospective new oneMay061884DaneMadisonView
A short chapter in the early history of Dane County not before publishedDecember061886DaneMadisonView
Organization of Dane countyDecember201886DaneMadisonView
The first church in MadisonMay221886DaneMadisonView
The first church in MadisonMay221886DaneMadisonView
The new Dane county court houseNovember161886DaneMadisonView
County of Dane - historicalJanuary311887DaneMadisonView
Pioneer County BuildingJune011888DaneMadisonView
The official state paper fifty years oldAugust151889DaneMadisonView
Simeon Mills made many contributions to MadisonMarch151891DaneMadisonView
Stoner's memories: Story of early Madison told by one who arrived in 1837June061896DaneMadisonView
Swan Lake town sitesOctober051896Columbia View
People with memoriesMarch141897DaneMadisonView
Stoner's memories: The story of Madison in 1837 and the years followingApril 1897DaneMadisonView
Early MadisonDecember031899DaneMadisonView
Dane County in legislatureNovember061902DaneMadisonView
Bit of HistoryMay021909DaneMadisonView
An early Madison festivityApril021915DaneMadisonView
Building of state's first capitol was tedious, costly jobNovember091919DaneMadisonView
Earliest routes into MadisonAugust031919DaneMadisonView
Early courts of MadisonAugust171919DaneMadisonView
Eighty-two years this very week came to Madison the first permanent settlers, Simeon Mills and A.A. BirdJune121919DaneMadisonView
Early constructionMarch211922DaneMadisonView
Madison's first social life saw existence in one room log house on bank of MononaNovember101922DaneMadisonView
Mills homesteadOctober061922DaneMadisonView
Landmark changes hands in sale of gas company office buildingApril151923DaneMadisonView
Church clings to the squareMarch081924DaneMadisonView
Sketch of Madison made 67 years ago shows view from present Olin ParkJune011924DaneMadisonView
Historic trees saved from axJune161925DaneMadisonView
Scarcity of silver caused issuance of illegal substituteMay251925DaneMadisonView
First Madison hostelries offered primitive luxuryMarch201927DaneMadisonView
Scramble for city offices as wild 80 years ago as today, old records revealMay081927DaneMadisonView
Thanksgiving originated years before early New England daysDecember021928DaneMadisonView
Visitors pointed out first Dane courthouse for beautyJune101929DaneMadisonView
Waunakee now 60 years old; Scotch family came firstDecember311929DaneWaunakeeView
Madison Day by dayAugust021931DaneMadisonView
Catlin's house antedated Peck's--but it burnedJune251936DaneMadisonView
If Col. Bird had had his way, we'd be finding our inspiration in sunsets on Lake Doty and moonlight on Lake CatlinApril261936DaneMadisonView
New hotel, beautiful beyond words, openedJanuary011937DaneMadisonView
Stagecoaches put excitement in Madison life of yesteryearAugust021942DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (46 Records)
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