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Sculptor, painter tell how they put soul of scientist in their art  No YearDaneMadisonView
Wisconsin and its historyMarch141916DaneMadisonView
Birthday honors for Dr. BabcockOctober231920DaneMadisonView
Dr. S. M. Babcock is 77 tomorrowOctober211920DaneMadisonView
University, madison, state and world honors inventor of milk test on his 77th birthdayOctober231920DaneMadisonView
Breeder's gazette lavishes praise on Henry and BabcockDecember071921DaneMadisonView
Honor services of Henry and BabcockOctober061921DaneMadisonView
An interview with dr. BabcockFebruary 1923DaneMadisonView
Honor Babcock at dairy show Pioneer's DaySeptember301924DaneMadisonView
Inventor of 'butterfat test' continues research workMay021926DaneMadisonView
Babcock painting takes place with Wisconsin ag immortalsNovember201927DaneMadisonView
Babcock finds the hidden hungerMarch 1928DaneMadisonView
Agriculture to reward dr. Babcock at banquetOctober091930DaneMadisonView
Alexander characterizes Babcock as the inquiring mind and the seeing eyeJune251930DaneMadisonView
Babcock given capper award for milk testOctober101930DaneMadisonView
Babcock trophy designed by artists col. lindbergh congressional medalOctober011930DaneMadisonView
Hail Babcock as benefactor of humanityOctober101930DaneMadisonView
Seek $30,000 for memorial to BabcockMarch281930DaneMadisonView
U. Emeritus professor is honoredJune141930DaneMadisonView
Well deserved honorOctober101930DaneMadisonView
A great exampleJuly061931DaneMadisonView
Babcock described as the July021931DaneMadisonView
Babcock hero in u.s. February221931DaneMadisonView
Babcock revealed as good housekeeper, fine neighborJuly051931DaneMadisonView
Dr. babcock's death ends career of last great badger inventorJuly051931  View
Dr. Babcock's rites will be held SundayJuly031931DaneMadisonView
Dr. Stephen M. Babcock, a human beingMay201931DaneMadisonView
Fund being raised for Babcock statueMarch301931DaneMadisonView
Leaders laud dairy pioneerJuly021931DaneMadisonView
Madison day by dayJuly071931DaneMadisonView
Prof. Babcock dies; inventor of butter testJuly021931DaneMadisonView
Scientist was nearing solution of mystery, nature of energy transfer, colleagues believeJuly021931DaneMadisonView
Simple as his hollyhocks, complicated as science - the life of dr. babcockJuly031931DaneMadisonView
Simple rites are held for S. M. BabcockJuly061931DaneMadisonView
Stephen Moulton BabcockJuly021931DaneMadisonView
U. W. legatee in Babcock's will, reportJuly031931DaneMadisonView
Lorado Taft to speak at memorial banquet for Dr. S. M. BabcockOctober161934DaneMadisonView
U. of W. gift plaque to honor Dr. BabcockOctober071934DaneMadisonView
U. W. unveils plaque in Dr. Babcock's honorOctober231934DaneMadisonView
Babcock centennial commrmoration (invitation)October221943DaneMadisonView
Dean Russell says: I knew BabcockOctober021948DaneMadisonView

Page 1 of 1 (41 Records)
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