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Anderson memoirs roast la follette  No Year  View
Criticisms  No Year  View
Genesis of La Follette family in America  No Year  View
La Follette is here; hastens from Capitol  No YearDaneMadisonView
State bar will attend Siebecker funeral; Sen. LaFollette is here  No YearDaneMadisonView
The year 1879January011880DaneMadisonView
Peril in the machineFebruary231897  View
Spooner pleads for harmonyOctober291902AshlandAshlandView
People vote on PrimaryMarch271903DaneMadisonView
Gov. La Follette proves a heroFebruary271904DaneMadisonView
Spooner given great ovationOctober061904  View
The revolution of the primary under leaderhsip of La FolletteOctober101909DaneMadisonView
How La Follette made election law modelNovember231911DaneMadisonView
La Follette - the builderJuly011911  View
History of state of wisconsinJune111914Fond Du LacRiponView
Mural paintings in Supreme Court  1914DaneMadisonView
"Madison board of comments" has La Follette as a guestNovember071916DaneMadisonView
People rally to aid La Follette in north countiesSeptember271916OcontoOconto FallsView
Wisconsin's new capitolJuly141917DaneMadisonView
Wisconsin's new capitol completedJuly071917DaneMadisonView
That Monday conference is just a bit lateMarch021918DaneMadisonView
La Follette Progressive Republican CandidateSeptember051920DaneMadisonView
WisconsinJune161920  View
Afternoons about townMay281922DaneMadisonView
City Chautauqua will be revivedJuly091922DaneMadisonView
Historic cloth to La Follette'sJanuary311922SheboyganPlymouthView
La Follette "American chancellor of exchequer"November291922  View
Land commission once among state's busiest departmentsDecember241922DaneMadisonView
Old days on West Wilson streetDecember151922DaneMadisonView
Burn u. w. petition denouncing la follette, is demand of resolution by senator huberJanuary191923DaneMadisonView
Portraits of all but one of State's Justices hung in CapitolDecember091923DaneMadisonView
Background of la follette family told in articlesOctober221924DaneMadisonView
Henry Noll turns back pages 20 years to scenes of State Capitol fireMarch021924DaneMadisonView
Story of bob la follette's life translated in whiskers as country studies man who may rule or win the electionJuly131924DaneMadisonView
Barton traces history of Journal during period of 1903 to 1910April251926DaneMadisonView
Newspaper "game" fascinating to youths who broke in years agoApril181926DaneMadisonView
Third Mueller operates hotelMarch291926JeffersonJeffersonView
New Kaukauna park named for La FolletteAugust111927OutagamieKaukaunaView
The trail of the trampJanuary141928DunnMenomonieView
Senators end Indian inquiry in WisconsinJuly121929SawyerHaywardView
A third of a century of La FolletteismOctober211930  View
First la follette home here is now thing of past; has just been razedOctober261930DaneMadisonView
Edgewood Academy plans 50th birthday celebrationMay011931DaneMadisonView
First coming of whites to be depicted  1931WalworthLake GenevaView
Jubilee fete to be staged by St. John'sOctober041931DaneMadisonView
Madison is 75 years old todayMarch041931DaneMadisonView
The fight that saved taxpayers $ 600,000August281931MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Chapter of Wisconsin history ends as progressive faction disappears  1934  View
Fierce battle waged over name choiceMay201934Fond Du LacFond du LacView
John J. Blaine laid to rest after simple services at little Boscobel, Wis. churchApril201934GrantBoscobelView
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Page 1 of 2 (59 Records)
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