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Bringing in a load of coal to Manitowoc when the sailing vessel reigned supreme  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Early days on the Great Lakes brought many thrilling rescues by life saving crews  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Eight in a row in the good old days of sailing vessels on the great lakes  No YearManitowocManitowocView
First Goodrich boat built in this city was in commission only two years when she went to bottom  No YearManitowocManitowocView
First vessel on lakes is still puzzle here  No YearBrownGreen BayView
Gunboat Michigan, oldest iron ship in world, figured in putting down Mormon rule on Beaver Island in 1850  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Lions pushing project here with the CWA  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Marine Man recalls loss of "Vernon" in 1887  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Myths of the Great Lakes  No Year  View
Oconto which started fire at Green Bay destroying 78 buildings  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Only five masted schooner on Great Lakes  No Year  View
Schooner "Wells Burt" one pride of lakes, foundered off Evanston in 1883  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Side wheeler Sheboygan in her happier days and as her hull found last resting place along beach  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Steamer "Lawrence" shows type of boats that plied into Manitowoc aboout 1870  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Steamer Tice built here in 1887 typical of lumber carriers on lakes in '80  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Story of Seabird in which 38 from here lost their lives is recounted by marine authority  No YearManitowocManitowocView
Worst marine tragedy in history of Manitowoc took toll of 200 lives when Phoenix burned   No YearManitowocManitowocView
Levels of the Great Lakes  1839  View
Out of the PastOctober231890DouglasSuperior CityView
Crossed the divideApril191891CookChicagoView
The loss of the Lady ElginSeptember041892MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
First boats to SuperiorJuly231898DouglasSuperiorView
In days of yore: how early Kenosha residents sought to secure a harborJanuary251899KenoshaKenoshaView
Old marine reporter deadMay151901MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
The Noble LaSalleNovember171902  View
Louis Bleyer deadMay151903MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Louis Bleyer passes awayMay151903MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Old mariner passes awayMay141903MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Before Soo openingDecember231904DouglasSuperior CityView
An episode of '49April181905ManitowocTwo RiversView
History of the town of Two RiversFebruary071905ManitowocTwo RiversView
Early history of Two RiversNovember301907ManitowocTwo RiversView
Lady Elgin banquets endSeptember011907MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Want story from early vesselmenJanuary301907ManitowocManitowocView
Tells of early ship buildingFebruary221909ManitowocManitowocView
Some reminiscences of things maritime by Timothy Kelley, Sr.February171910ManitowocManitowocView
Wreck of the Lady Elgin and rescue work of E.W. SpencerJuly061910MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Anniversary of big ship disasterSeptember081915MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Daily news is thanked for digging up dataJanuary221915ManitowocManitowocView
Hulk of ship LaSalle, built on lakes 225 years ago, and which vanished, believed found in Saginaw RiverFebruary101915  View
An old friend in portDecember081916KewauneeKewauneeView
First Lake Steamer was swell affairDecember131916  View
Camp's sea chest rifled by DanielJanuary041917WaukeshaWaukeshaView
Shipbuilding industry of 1867 and other items of interst gleaned from old relic of newspaperAugust291918ManitowocManitowocView
Lady Elgin sunk in lake disaster 61 years agoSeptember071921MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
New life to wisconsin in lake to sea shipsSeptember201921  View
Some lake factsJanuary011921MilwaukeeMilwaukeeView
Honor change members, golden anniversaryJune011922ManitowocTwo RiversView
Lakes to ocean route marks realization of dream 300 years oldJanuary111922  View
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