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Was a printer in Eau Claire when the war started  No YearChippewaEau ClaireView
Eau ClaireJanuary181882Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire forty years agoJanuary031905Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Fifty years of Eau ClaireOctober151906Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Oldest settler in Eau ClaireAugust051906Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
The eau claire county old settlers' associationSeptember161906Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Our local history--interesting document by w. w. bartlett that mirrors life in eau claire in the early daysApril281907Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Early history of eau claireOctober121911Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire welcomes heroes of the Eagle RegimentOctober031912Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire one hundred years ago--its first wedding was in 1847May231913Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire United Norwegian Luthern Church nearly 50 years oldFebruary131913Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire editor, after visit to Menomonie in 1860, wrote up townJune061914Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
The naming of Eau ClaireOctober261915Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Brief history of eau claire under the commission form of governmentFebruary271916Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Early lumbering days in Eau Claire recalledMay161916Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Early Eau Claire pictured to Kiwanis Club by W. W. BartlettFebruary061920Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire Dells fight on 60 yearsAugust081920Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire river played great role in early historyJuly221921Langlade View
Historical pageant opnes in Eau Claire tomorrow; two daysAugust101921Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
New $600,000 hotel at Eau Claire last of historical seriesJune121921Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Notes of eau claire local history delight minneapolis pageant co.July201921Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Pioneer says Eau Claire had yeggs as far back as '57July311921Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
The old and new Eau Claire hotelsJune061921Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire then city of saw millsDecember201922Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
G.A.R. encampment Eau Claire in JuneApril241922Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Monument made here to mark grave of Mrs. J. P. Stein, said to have been first white woman in Eau ClaireAugust091922Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Old settlers of Eau Claire and vicinity to picnicJune231922Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
This is Eau Claire's 50th birthday as a city; here's how it looked in 1872. Year it incorporated as a cityDecember201922Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Book on selim hobart peabody tells dramatic story of first days, founding of eau claireDecember021923DaneMadisonView
Frontier life in eau claireOctober161923Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
60th anniversary services First Norwegian Lutheran Church of Eau ClaireJune301925Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
George H. Parker, early day resident of Eau Claire, writes of persons and places here of the Fifties and SixtiesJanuary231926Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire's memorial to great white pine industry is given magazine writeupOctober121927ChippewaEau ClaireView
eau Claire inundated by most destructive flood in its history 49 years agoJune141929Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Flag used by eau claire company in porto rico is given to spanish war vetsAugust201929Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Old eau claire home slept nearly 20 yearsJanuary201929Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
To represent Eau Claire at Ripon jubileeJune061929Fond Du LacRiponView
Eau claire once sawdust city of wisconsin, loses last vestige of old glorySeptember181931Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire veteran who helped capture jeff davis honored on 95th birthday at church supperOctober121932Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Recollections of early eau claireJanuary241932Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
The first grand army post at Eau ClaireApril131933Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
The Fourth of July in Eau Claire as observed in 1858July031934Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Early days in Eau ClaireJune061935Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire 50 years ago; history of St. Patrick's Church building recalled September281935Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire events of 50 years ago; hotel menu of those days in startlingJuly151935Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire fifty years ago August031935Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
The village of eau Claire cityJuly051935Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Year 1885 important one in history of Eau Claire; first water system begunJuly231935Eau ClaireEau ClaireView
Eau Claire man recalls Custer tragedy 60 years agoJune251936Eau ClaireEau ClaireView

Page 1 of 1 (49 Records)
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