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Pioneers are goingOctober221906Bayfield View
Wisconsin day at the woman's clubMarch231906Bayfield View
Cable, Wisconsin.April121907BayfieldCableView
Old couple wedJanuary171908Bayfield View
Historic old cannonJuly021909Bayfield View
School developmentJune251909Bayfield View
Wisconsin cities - WashburnJanuary241913BayfieldWashburnView
Pioneer history is recalled by visit hereOctober061916Bayfield View
Everybody had to be patriot to live in the pioneer village of BayfieldApril271917BayfieldBayfieldView
Annual pagaent on Apostle Islands to attract thousandsOctober101921BayfieldRed Cliff BayView
Jehn heads local den of BadgersSeptember201921BayfieldBayfieldView
Mission church being built on site of first white man's churchApril141921BayfieldWashburnView
Orienta Falls site utilizedSeptember171921BayfieldPort WingView
Was once old saw mill siteSeptember101921BayfieldHerbsterView
Would organize local "den"September161921BayfieldBayfieldView
How Chief Buffalo's strategy out-generaled Sioux invadersMarch051922Bayfield View
Observed 40 years residence hereOctober271922BayfieldBayfieldView
Aged Indian to bedrum leaderSeptember291923BayfieldBayfieldView
Counties plan aid to Indian PageantJuly231923BayfieldBayfieldView
Expect 2,000 Indians for 1924 pageantAugust221923BayfieldBayfieldView
Find relics near BayfieldOctober131923BayfieldBayfieldView
Invited to SuperiorOctober191923BayfieldBayfieldView
Old World touch on Bayfield PeninsulaDecember021923BayfieldBayfieldView
Pioneering in early daysFebruary221923BayfieldMasonView
Thousands to see pageantSeptember271923BayfieldBayfieldView
Two thousand Indiams lined up for big pageantAugust241923BayfieldBayfieldView
Apostle islands indian pageantAugust131924BayfieldBayfieldView
History of the Apostle Islands Indian PageantAugust261924BayfieldBayfieldView
Indians to flock land of legends in northern Wisconsin for huge festJune291924BayfieldBayfieldView
Apostle island indian pageant august 2 to16June161925BayfieldBayfieldView
Apostle Islands Indian pagaent opens in AugustMay211925BayfieldBayfieldView
Bay sites to have markersJuly041925BayfieldChequamegon BayView
Brule River a historic siteApril251925BayfieldWashburnView
Club to mark the historic placesJanuary241925BayfieldChequamegon BayView
Father Charron writes of early Chequamegon historyApril131925BayfieldChequamegon BayView
Historic spots will be markedJuly091925BayfieldChequamegon BayView
Wisconsin Braves and Princess Rena WhiteFebruary031925BayfieldBayfieldView
Bayfield citizen remembers boat disaster in 1883December111926Bayfield View
Current issue of Telephone News gives brief history of the city of WashburnDecember141926BayfieldWashburnView
Historic structure is doomed to goJune121926BayfieldWashburnView
Celebrated anniversaryOctober201927BayfieldWashburnView
Michel Cadotte buried on Madeline IslandAugust111927BayfieldWashburnView
Washburn of today in striking contrast to city of thirty-one years agoAugust041927BayfieldWashburnView
(Washburn personal narrative)September071928BayfieldWashburnView
Bayfield Co. historicl body formedApril111929Bayfield View
Heres' history of village of Cable and Lake Namakagon regionOctober031929BayfieldCableView
Boat dated 1814 is dragged from Drummond pondNovember201930BayfieldDrummondView
Historic saw mill is closedNovember121930BayfieldDrummondView
An important research by Guy BurnhamFebruary261935Bayfield View
Lumberjacks and river hogsJanuary231935BayfieldIron RiverView

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