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(Historical Society of Wisconsin)  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Campus lovers keep tryst at grim relic of Fort Crawford  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Church looks back 100 year to thank a courageous pastor  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Early day hospital at our old Fort Crawford  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Early history of Crawford County - - 1852  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Famous old residence in glory again  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Hercules L. Dousman  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Michael Spettel planned railway pontoons  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Old Fort CrawfordFebruary06No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Old tree at Prairie du Chien in which Black Hawk hid for three days has been blown down during fierce storm, recently  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Prairie du Chien and Menomonie  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Prairie du Chien historicalOctober15No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
The first Methodist parsonage in the Northwest  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
The Prairie du Chien pontoon bridge and the John Lawler / Michael Spettel controversy  No YearCrawfordPrairie du ChienView
History of Prairie du ChienJanuary201863CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
The old settlersJanuary281873CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Remains of mastodon foundJune 1874CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
The senatorial questionJanuary081875CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Second Battle of the Battle AxeJanuary151887CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Remembrance of RoletteApril151890CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Wisconsin's first poll listMarch181898CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
First white woman born in WisconsinAugust 1901CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Scenes from Prairie du Chien historyJune221904CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
A communicationFebruary241905CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Black Hawk TreeMarch311905CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Early historical events of Prairie du ChienJuly271905CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
First born of Wisconsin whites  1905CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Political communicationMarch311905CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Old settlers meetAugust021906CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Our flag January181906CrawfordSoldiers GroveView
Pioneer days back in fiftiesSeptember051906CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Fourth in 1844: First celebration at old Fort Crawford on Wisconsin RiverMay221907CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
60 years in Crawford co.April141910CrawfordEastmanView
Tardy recognition of Pere MarquetteMay291910CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
An old landmarkApril061911CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Old landmark fast being blotted outApril021911CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Prairie du Chien frame house perhaps oldest in the stateMarch121911CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Black Hawk lakeApril121914CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
British captured Prairie Du ChienJuly161914CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Social life here in 1815April011914CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Black Hawk HistoryFebruary031915CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
No foundation for storyMay121915CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Wisconsin is left without defenderOctober071915CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Badger city scene of historic elopementFebruary271916CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Prairie du Chien may celebrate 100th fort dateJune171916CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
2,000 in church paradeJune121917CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
To celebrate centennial?January241917CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
Wauzeka assemblyman is only Civil War veteran at sessionFebruary111917Crawford View
Fr. Hagen's old observatory razedApril111918CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
New bridge likely in place of relicJuly071918CrawfordPrairie du ChienView
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Page 1 of 5 (214 Records)
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