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Reeseville early history review  No YearDodgeReesevilleView
Pioneer history: a sketch of the life and character of Abram Ackerman, as connected with the early history of the city of Beaver DamMarch211867DodgeBeaver DamView
Judge Rose deadMarch151887DodgeBeaver DamView
Prison doors openSeptember051888DodgeWaupunView
Pride of Beaver Dam: Erection of temple to be devoted to popular educationJuly171890DodgeBeaver DamView
Remiscences of an early settler.---the first public meeting.January221898DodgeAshippunView
Sherman M. Booth passes away Aug. 10August 1904DodgeHoriconView
The old settlersNovember251904DodgeFox LakeView
J. S. Gee, 90 years of ageJanuary191906DodgeWaupunView
Forty years of serviceMay081907DodgeBeaver DamView
Recover picture of first settlerMay011907DodgeWatertownView
Reminiscenses of eighty yearsApril231907DodgeBeaver DamView
Golden anniversary: Assembly Presbyterian church celebrates eventMay061908Dodge View
Albert loeschFebruary111909DodgeReesevilleView
Dr. W. W. Reed tendered banquetOctober181909DodgeWatertownView
Peerless sanatorium burnsJuly091909DodgeFox LakeView
Has lived in Dodge County since 1845November271910DodgeBeaver DamView
Pioneer days are recalledApril291910DodgeLowellView
84 years old todayAugust211911DodgeBeaver DamView
Lowells first crop of wheatAugust221911DodgeLowellView
Reminiscences of an old settlerSeptember121912DodgeBeaver DamView
Thrift of Dodge County pioneersJuly111912DodgeBeaver DamView
Two old timers; two useful menDecember131912DodgeBeaver DamView
Civil War times down in "Dixie"June051913DodgeBeaver DamView
Has resided here for many yearsMarch141913DodgeWatertownView
Indian story of oldDecember051913DodgeFox LakeView
Juneau's child is seventy-twoMarch291913DodgeMayvilleView
Rode in oxcart to his weddingFebruary221913DodgeMayvilleView
Early day teaching in Beaver DamJune221914DodgeBeaver DamView
Early days in Randolph townSeptember251914DodgeRandolphView
Stories of early days in Dodge CountyMarch061914DodgeHustisfordView
Beginning of ReesevilleApril291915DodgeReesevilleView
Das Northwestern College [Northwestern College, Watertown (Wisconsin Synod Lutheran) celebrates its 50th anniversary]May161915DodgeWatertownView
History of ReesevilleMay061915DodgeReesevilleView
Interseting sketch of Fox Lake as it was in 1872; many changesOctober291915DodgeFox LakeView
St. Stephans Lutheran church 40th anniversaryNovember261915DodgeBeaver DamView
The other side.April161915Dodge View
Watertown prepares for big celebrationJune171915DodgeWatertownView
Watertown's veteran railroad manJanuary121915DodgeWatertownView
John Muth appointedMay111916DodgeWatertownView
Juneau house being razedOctober061916DodgeJuneauView
Life history of mr. fairchildDecember221916DodgeBeaver DamView
Monument to Dodge county pioneerNovember101916DodgeHustisfordView
Ninety years of lifeSeptember281916DodgeBeaver DamView
Old veteran makes Horicon a visitJune161916DodgeHoriconView
Rufus Dodge, benefactorNovember221917DodgeBeaver DamView
An archoplogic blunderJanuary021918DodgeHartfordView
Assembly Presbyterian church to celebrate sixtieth anniversaryMay011918Dodge View
Golden wedding observed SundayJune241918DodgeBeaver DamView
His life spans nearly a centuryJanuary181918DodgeHoriconView
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Page 1 of 3 (125 Records)
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