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First Methodist church in Wisconsin built in Somers  No YearKenoshaSomersView
Old settlers' grounds to remain open for public  No YearKenoshaKenoshaView
Sketch of Kenosha  No YearKenoshaKenoshaView
St. Matthew's has 90 years of history   No YearKenoshaKenoshaView
Sunday school makes gains  No YearKenoshaKenoshaView
Miscellany (climate and health)August031876KenoshaKenoshaView
Pioneer life in Kenosha CountyOctober051881KenoshaKenoshaView
Historical addressSeptember061883KenoshaKenoshaView
Old settlers reunionSeptember251884KenoshaKenoshaView
Ceresco, history of a famous social experimentSeptember261885KenoshaCerescoView
The annual festival of the old settlers!August231888KenoshaKenoshaView
In days of yore: how early Kenosha residents sought to secure a harborJanuary251899KenoshaKenoshaView
Original Southport settler deadJanuary291902KenoshaKenoshaView
Old settlers meetSeptember171904KenoshaKenoshaView
Recall other daysAugust251904KenoshaKenoshaView
A bit of history: story of Old Settlers' Club is interesting for pioneers of Kenosha CountyAugust191907KenoshaKenoshaView
Sixty years marriedNovember081907KenoshaKenoshaView
50th anniversary of St. John's Lutheran church at Slade's CornersOctober141908KenoshaSlade's CornersView
A historic sign: sign of the Old O'Reilly Telegraph found on Calkins Building at Main and Market Sq.September021908KenoshaKenoshaView
The silver jubilee of Kemper HallJune011908KenoshaKenoshaView
Historical October151909KenoshaKenoshaView
To honor pioneersAugust281909KenoshaKenoshaView
Was 69 years oldSeptember221909KenoshaKenoshaView
Early pioneer hereAugust111910KenoshaKenoshaView
Our school system started in KenoshFebruary131910KenoshaKenoshaView
In annual reunionAugust311911KenoshaKenoshaView
Recalls the pastApril221911KenoshaKenoshaView
Married 64 yearsJanuary021912KenoshaKenoshaView
Recalls old wreckNovember271912KenoshaKenoshaView
Tells bit of historyJune291912Kenosha View
For state museumJune191913KenoshaKenoshaView
Make roll of honorDecember031913KenoshaKenoshaView
Meet at a banquet: members of congregational church celebrate seventy-fifth anniversaryJune261913KenoshaKenoshaView
Old settlers of Kenosha meetAugust291913KenoshaKenoshaView
Recall other days: Celebration of 75th anniversary of congregational church on sundayJune221913KenoshaKenoshaView
Recall other days: Old Settlers Club of Kenosha County holds annual reunion at Paddock's LakeAugust281913KenoshaKenoshaView
Roster of braveDecember261913KenoshaKenoshaView
Roster of braveDecember031913KenoshaKenoshaView
Roster of braveDecember251913KenoshaKenoshaView
Married 50 yearsMarch051914KenoshaKenoshaView
Roster of braveqJanuary151914KenoshaKenoshaView
A golden jubileeFebruary021915KenoshaKenoshaView
Famous old tavernApril141915KenoshaSalemView
First phone message received in KenoshaJanuary271915KenoshaKenoshaView
Show indian waresFebruary041915KenoshaKenoshaView
Starry Banner BackJune241915KenoshaKenoshaView
The fourth in 1860July021915KenoshaKenoshaView
Present mirrors scenes of pastJuly301917KenoshaKenoshaView
Unveil boulder of first cavalryJune281917KenoshaKenoshaView
Celebrate their golden weddingDecember281918KenoshaKenoshaView
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Page 1 of 4 (169 Records)
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