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City holds first election in 1883  No YearMarathonMarshfieldView
Civic leaders pay tribute to Father Toeller on silver sacerdotal jubilee  No YearMarathonMarshfieldView
First White Woman at Big Bull Falls came during 1840  No YearMarathonWausauView
Jubilee obeservance recalls history of Brighton churchOctober02No YearMarathonSpencerView
Judge W. C. Silverthorn  No YearMarathonWausauView
Many residents of city lived here half century  No YearMarathonMarshfieldView
Pioneer doctor's widow has lived here since 1882  No YearMarathonMarshfieldView
Relic of the greenback craze in Marathon county  No YearMarathonWausauView
Spanish-American War heroes  No YearMarathonWausauView
A badger pioneerJanuary151887MarathonHutchinsonView
The progress of WausauAugust111895MarathonWausauView
The Joseph Dessert public libraryJanuary271899MarathonMosineeView
Mosinee's FounderJanuary211903MarathonWausauView
History of city of WausauMarch081905MarathonWausauView
History of MarchfieldJune091905MarathonMarshfieldView
Naming of WausauJanuary071905MarathonWausauView
Picnic here next yearJune301905MarathonMarshfieldView
Pioneer reminiscencesMarch101905MarathonWausauView
Purchased 536,640 acres of landMarch171905MarathonWausauView
Timber product Wisconsin ValleyJuly241905MarathonWausauView
Wausau's struggles for railway outletOctober211905MarathonWausauView
He talks of old historyJuly241906MarathonWausauView
Hill of smokeAugust021906MarathonMarshfieldView
History of St. John'sApril051906MarathonMarshfieldView
Origin of "Wausau"February171906MarathonWausauView
Upham asked FurloughJune151906MarathonMarshfieldView
Early historyJanuary171907MarathonMarshfieldView
Interesting coinMarch191907MarathonWausauView
Leaves from life's historyNovember051907MarathonWausauView
Rich in indian historyJuly231907MarathonWausauView
They killed the infirmApril161907MarathonWausauView
Dr. Carrier tells of church's developmentJune021908MarathonWausauView
Jubilee celebrationJune061908MarathonWausauView
M. H. McCord strickenFebruary291908MarathonWausauView
Semi-centennial ends; old times recalledJune031908MarathonWausauView
The first articles of incorporationMay181908MarathonStettinView
Wausau's first engine houseAugust211908MarathonWausauView
A wausau pioneer is eighty eightApril031909MarathonWausauView
Growth and development of city's fire departmentDecember241909MarathonWausauView
Origin of MarathonAugust201909MarathonWausauView
Recalling ancient historyAugust141909MarathonWausauView
Wausau property entered in 1840August251909MarathonWausauView
Wausau's growth in last 49 yearsJanuary061909MarathonWausauView
Sixty years ago and the presentApril021910MarathonWausauView
Some facts about WausauDecember161910MarathonWausauView
Thriving towns are monuments to pastJuly181910MarathonMarshfieldView
Historical sketch of Abbotsford, Wis.September221911MarathonAbbotsfordView
The evangelical St. Paul's churchMay151911MarathonWausauView
A prosperous community in the western part of Marathon County which has grown up from a single business enterpriseOctober201913MarathonStratfordView
A relic of the pioneer daysApril111913MarathonWausauView
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