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Menominee indians pay final honors to their chief  No YearMenominee View
Menominee Indian VillageNovember141886Menominee View
Chief oshkosh cheered by minnehaha's flappingFebruary071927Menominee View
Indians celebrate seventy-fifth anniversary SundayJune011928MenomineeMenomineeView
Alice oshkosh has no right to head tribeApril061929Menominee View
Mission at KeshenaOctober161929Menominee View
Offers indians' land for parkSeptember251929Menominee View
Principals of the Oshkosh claim to chieftainshipMay301930Menominee View
Chief oshkosh dies; alice, his kin, will seek powerMarch181931Menominee View
Chief oshkosh joins manitou of his peopleMarch211931Menominee View
Last grandson of oshkosh dies on keshena reservationMarch181931Menominee View
Earliest traders remembered by oldest of MenomineesMarch231933Menominee View
The 'poor Indian' indeed! He keeps off relief rollFebruary081938MenomineeMenomineeView

Page 1 of 1 (13 Records)
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