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Volume Listing > Volume 10 > Lincoln's 1859 address at Milwaukee

"Lincoln's 1859 address at Milwaukee"

Lincoln's 1859 Address at Milwaukee: The full text of a speech given by Abraham Lincoln at the Wisconsin State Fair in Milwaukee, on Sept. 30, 1859. He received $100 to talk about agricultural subjects, and discusses farming, free vs. slave labor, technological developments, and economic issues. He opposes what he calls the "mud-sill" theory of labor (that farm workers are not capable of rising to other occupations) and argues in favor of free labor and social mobility. His address concludes with rhetorical devices that foreshadow those in his Gettyburg Address. The text is preceded by a short eyewitness account of his speech later that day at the Newhall House in Milwaukee. (15 pages)

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Citation: "Lincoln's 1859 address at Milwaukee" Wisconsin Magazine Of History. Volume: 10 /Issue: 3 (1926-1927)

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