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Volume Listing > Volume 15 > Rollin D. Salisbury, M. A. LL. D., A biographical sketch

Densmore, Hiram D. "Rollin D. Salisbury, M. A. LL. D., A biographical sketch"

Rollin D. Salisbury, M.A. LL.D, A Biographical Sketch, part 1: Salisbury (1858-1922) was a prominent Wisconsin geologist and professor. This article begins by quoting an unpublished family recollection of his youth in Spring Prairie, Walworth County, and reviewing his education at the normal school in Whitewater and his teaching at Port Washington, Ozaukee County. Most of it, however, is devoted to his years at Beloit College as a student (1878-1881) and young professor. It provides great detail about life in the Rock County liberal arts college ca. 1880. (24 pages)

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Citation: Densmore, Hiram D. "Rollin D. Salisbury, M. A. LL. D., A biographical sketch" Wisconsin Magazine Of History. Volume: 15 /Issue: 1 (1931-1932)

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