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Volume Listing > Volume 60
Page Title Author

The Wisconsin Magazine of History: Volume 60, Issue 1,

2 Rural church reform in Wisconsin during the Progressive Era Beltman, Brian W., 1945-
25 Senator John J. Blaine: an independent progressive during 'normalcy' O'Brien, Patrick G.
42 McCarthyism: interpretations since Hofstadter Reeves, Thomas C., 1936-
55 Book reviews
77 Wisconsin history checklist
79 Accessions
80 Contributors

The Wisconsin Magazine of History: Volume 60, Issue 2,

82 The politics of reconstruction in Wisconsin, 1865-1873 Current, Richard Nelson
109 The American historical novel: a bicentennial review Steuber, William F., 1904-
116 610 Ellis and the hospital children Culver, Edith Dodd
138 Wisconsin history checklist
145 Book reviews
169 Accessions
172 State Historical Society of Wisconsin: annual summary, 1975-1976
176 Contributors

The Wisconsin Magazine of History: Volume 60, Issue 3,

178 Ezekiel Gillespie, lost and found Holzhueter, John O., 1935-
185 The search for Joe McCarthy Reeves, Thomas C., 1936-
197 To the Edsin Gol: A Wisconsinite's journey in inner Mongolia, 1935 Rosholt, Malcolm Leviatt, 1907-
228 Director's report, 1975-1976 Rosholt, Malcolm Leviatt, 1907-
235 Book reviews
255 Wisconsin history checklist
260 Accessions
264 Contributors

The Wisconsin Magazine of History: Volume 60, Issue 4,

266 The Menominee Indians: from treaty to termination Herzberg, Stephen J.
330 Milwaukee revisited: a review essay Still, Bayrd
334 Book reviews
355 Wisconsin history checklist
357 Accessions
360 Contributors
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