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Volume Listing > Volume 85 > As she knew them: Juliette Kinzie and the Ho-Chunk, 1830-1833

Bogue, Margaret Beattie, 1924- "As she knew them: Juliette Kinzie and the Ho-Chunk, 1830-1833"

As She Knew Them: Juliette Kinzie and the Ho-Chunk, 1830-1833: This article examines the sympathetic account of the Ho-Chunk given in Kinzie's 1856 memoir,"Wau-Bun, the 'Early Day' in the North-west." After reviewing Kinzie's life prior to her residence in Wisconsin, including her trip out from Detroit and a visit to Fort Dearborn in Chicago, it focuses on her descriptions of the Ho-Chunk she knew in the Fox River Valley and around Portage. Much of the article discusses the Ho-Chunk response to the Black Hawk War and how the conflict affected tribal leaders, young warriors, and white settlers. Individuals discussed in significant detail include Chief Four Legs, or Hootschope (dates unverified), and "the mother of the elder Day-kau-ray [Decorah]." The article also closely examines gender relations among the Ho-Chunk, states their reasons for rejecting white culture and preferring their native way of life and religion, and describes their near-starvation in the months following the Black Hawk War. (14 pages)

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Citation: Bogue, Margaret Beattie, 1924- "As she knew them: Juliette Kinzie and the Ho-Chunk, 1830-1833" Wisconsin Magazine Of History. Volume: 85 /Issue: 2 (2001-2002)

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