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Look Inside! Our 4th-Grade Textbook: 'Wisconsin; Our State, Our Story'

Sample Pages and Table of Contents

Here you'll find sample pages and the entire table of contents for "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story," the definitive 4th-grade Wisconsin history textbook. Review these to see how the book addresses the fundamentals of Wisconsin history while promoting strong literacy skills.

Sample Pages

Download sample pages from Chapter 6 of the Student Textbook, the Teacher's Edition, and the Student Activity Guide. Chapter 6 discusses immigration and migration, both in the past and in the present.

Chapter 6 of the 4th grade textbook.

Look Inside the Student Textbook

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View sample pages from Chapter 6 of Student Textbook, "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story."

Activity 6, page one from the guide.

Look Inside the Student Activity Guide

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View sample pages from Chapter 6 of the Student Activity Guide for "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story"

Sample page from teacher's edition.

Look Inside the Teacher's Edition

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View sample pages from Chapter 6 of Teacher's Edition for "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story"


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Connecting to Our State's Story
  • How Do We Tell Our State's Story?
  • What Does It Mean to Think Like a Historian?
  • What Kinds of Evidence Do Historians Use?
  • How Do Historians Use Evidence to Write History?

Chapter 2: Wisconsin: A Place with a Past
  • A Landscape Shaped over Time: The Ice Age Trail
  • Locating Wisconsin in the United States
  • Locating Wisconsin in the World
  • Using Longitude and Latitude
  • What Does Wisconsin Look Like Today?
  • Reshaped by a Long-Ago and Very Cold Past
  • Glacial Landforms Today
  • Connected by Water: Wisconsin's Waterways
  • Exploring Wisconsin's Five Regions: Identifying the Regions, Lake Superior Lowland
  • Exploring Wisconsin's Five Regions: Northern Highland, Central Plain
  • Exploring Wisconsin's Five Regions: Western Upland, Eastern Ridges and Lowlands
  • Favorite Places in Wisconsin to Visit

Chapter 3: Wisconsin's First People
  • Native People Today Celebrate Their History and Traditions
  • Ways to Discover the Long-Ago Past
  • Mammoths, Mastodons, and Earliest People
  • Inventions for a New Age: The Archaic Tradition
  • People of the Woodland: New Ways of Living in a Warmer Wisconsin
  • The Mysterious Mississippian Tradition
  • Early Wisconsin Farmers: The Oneota Tradition
  • Communicating in Many Forms
  • Changes over Thousands of Years

Chapter 4: The Fur Trade Era: Exploration and Exchange in Wisconsin
  • Exploring and Learning Today
  • Native People near the Close of the Old Time
  • Explorers from Europe Arrive in Wisconsin
  • Missionaries and Mapmakers
  • Beavers Mean Business: The French Fur Trade in Wisconsin
  • Bringing Cultures Together: The Métis Experience
  • From French to British Control
  • Same Trade, New Leaders: Americans Take Over
  • From Forts to Settlement
  • Changes over Two Hundred Years

Chapter 5: Becoming Wisconsin: From Indian Lands to Territory to Statehood
  • Wisconsin Lands Change Hands
  • Treaty Making
  • Living on the Lead Frontier
  • The Black Hawk War
  • Measuring and Mapping Land to Sell
  • Wisconsin Becomes a Territory
  • Wisconsin Becomes the 30th State
  • What Happens at the Wisconsin Capitol?
  • Looking Back at Our State's Beginnings

Chapter 6: They Came to Wisconsin and They're Still Coming:
Immigration and Settlement
  • Immigration and Migration: Then and Now
  • Making the Journey
  • A Stonemason in Cornwall, England, Comes to Mineral Point
  • Free at Last
  • A German Farmstead in Washington County
  • From Finland to Bayfield County
  • Lucky to Be in America
  • Bringing Texas North to Wisconsin
  • Mai Ya's Long Journey from Thailand to Wisconsin
  • Looking Back at Immigration and Settlement in Wisconsin

Chapter 7: Wisconsin and the Civil War
  • Free States, Slave States, and Fugitive Slaves
  • Abolitionists in Wisconsin
  • The Civil War Comes to Wisconsin
  • Those from Wisconsin Who Fought
  • Wisconsin Goes to War: Two Stories
  • Wisconsin Goes to War: Lives Changed
  • Places to Remember the War

Chapter 8: Lead, Soil, and Saw Dust, 1820-1914
  • Wisconsin: A Land Rich in Natural Resources
  • Getting the Minerals Out
  • Farming to Feed the Family
  • From One Crop to Many Crops and Many Animals
  • Learning about Farming in the Past
  • We Become a Dairy State
  • From Milking to Marketing
  • Timber!
  • From the Woods to the Mills
  • Lumber, Pulp, and Paper
  • Learning More about Mining, Farming, and Logging

Chapter 9: Transportation and Industry Change Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin's Changing Landscape
  • Shipping by Water: From Schooners to Steamers
  • Shipping by Land: Railroads
  • Big Industry Leads to Bigger Cities
  • The Growth of Milwaukee
  • Engineers and Entrepreneurs
  • Comparing and Contrasting Wisconsin's Top Industries
  • A New World for Workers
  • Progressives and Positive Change
  • Turning Points in Transportation and Industry

Chapter 10: Good Times, Hard Times, and Better Times
  • Changes in Ways of Living
  • New Century, New Roads
  • Vacations for Some
  • Wisconsin Goes to War: World War I
  • The Great Depression: Looking for Work and Making Do
  • Wisconsin Goes to War: World War II
  • People Return to Peace and Work

Chapter 11: New Opportunities, New Challenges
  • Wisconsin and the World
  • Wisconsin Goes to War: Fighting Communism and the Korean War
  • Suburbs and Interstate Highways
  • Protecting Our Environment
  • Organized Sports and Sports Fans
  • Hunting and Fishing: Wisconsin Traditions
  • Struggles and Protests for Equal Rights
  • Wisconsin Goes to War: Vietnam and Protests
  • Wisconsin Goes to War: The Gulf War and 9/11
  • Bringing People Together

Chapter 12: A Place with a Future
  • Taking Care of Our State's Story
  • Saving Our Places and Our Spaces
  • Protecting Wisconsin's Story

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