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General Information

About the Library and Archives Catalogs


ArCat is an online catalog that provides descriptions and information about holdings in the Archives, including manuscript and photograph collections, state and local government records, and audio recordings. Learn How to Search Our Archives Collections.

Archival Finding Aids Online

Our finding aids describe unpublished primary resources held at 19 repositories throughout Wisconsin. Holdings can include a variety of materials such as correspondence, diaries, maps, government records, film, photographs, and audio recordings. Note: The Society most commonly refers to their finding aids as Registers. Search the Archival Finding Aids.

University of Wisconsin-Madison Library Catalog

The Society’s collections (books, pamphlets, newspapers, government publications and other published sources) are cataloged in the University of Wisconsin-Madison library catalog. Learn How to Search Our Library Collections.

History Journal and Magazine Indexes

The University of Wisconsin-Madison provides access to a wide array of journal and magazine indexes including the most important resources used to access articles about history: America History and Life, and Historical Abstracts. Search the Journal and Magazine Indexes.

Map and Film Collections

Only a portion of the Historical Society's extensive map collection is accessible via the library catalog. Some of the collection is accessible via card catalog (located in the Archives Research Room on the 4th floor of the Society Headquarters building).

The Feature Film Database provides online title access to all feature-length films held by the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research. Documentaries, cartoons and short subjects can be accessed by title using the card catalogs, printed lists, indexes and other manual finding aids available at the Center (located in the Archives Research Room on the 4th floor of the Society Headquarters building).

Other Indexes

Other indexes and lists are produced for specialized portions of our holdings. Examples of these currently available include the:

  • Civil War Collections
  • Wisconsin Local History and Biography Articles
  • Wisconsin Name Index

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