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Historical Essay

Slovaks in Wisconsin

Brief history of Slovaks in Wisconsin.

Brief history of the United Brethrens in Wisconsin.

Date: 1882-03-28 

Description: U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor Naturalization service form 2203, Declaration of Intention for Antoni Plichta filled out in Cook County, Illinois.

Historical Essay

Lutherans in Wisconsin

Brief documenting of the history of Lutherans in Wisconsin.

Use census records to study immigration to Wisconsin and living conditions in the mid-19th century

Historical Essay

English in Wisconsin

Brief history of English immigrants in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Catholics in Wisconsin

Brief history of Catholics in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Poles in Wisconsin

Brief history of Polis migration to Wisconsin.

Learn about life on the frontier in Wisconsin in 1851, as recounted in guides designed to attract immigrants to the state from Europe.

Historical Essay

Swedes in Wisconsin

Brief history of Swedes in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

Latvians in Wisconsin

Brief history of Latvians in Wisconsin.

Supplemental materials for the 4th-grade textbook, 'Wisconsin: Our State Our Story'

Supplemental materials for Chapter 6 of the 4th-grade history textbook.

Historical Essay

Moravians in Wisconsin

Brief history of Moravians in Wisconsin.

Use a letter written home by a Norwegian immigrant to take a closer look at the immigrant experience in 1840s Wisconsin

Wisconsin Historical Museum Object – Feature Story

Early hand-carved table made by Levi Havemann, a German immigrant to Madison, c. 1860. (Museum object #1998.21.1)

Historical Essay

Czechs in Wisconsin

Brief history of Czechs in Wisconsin.

Speakers Bureau

Shelia Cohen is a WHS Press author and a member of the Wisconsin Historical Society Speakers Bureau.


Emigration Trunk

Date: 2003 ca.

Description: Emigration trunk on the porch of the Old Place on the Quinney farm.

Historical Essay

Norwegians in Wisconsin

Brief history of Norwegians in Wisconsin.

Historical Essay

African American Migration

World War II and it Effect on Blacks

Discover the effects World War II had on Blacks in Wisconsin.
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