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The stories in this collection are available because the survivors agreed to share them with the Wisconsin Historical Society. We are grateful for their willingness to speak about their Holocaust experiences and their generosity in permitting us to include them on our website.

In addition, Oral Histories: Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust would not have been possible without the efforts of the people listed below.


  • The Wisconsin Humanities Committee and the Wisconsin Historical Society funded the original oral history project from 1974 1981
  • The Helen Bader Foundation of Milwaukee funded a project to make all the recordings and transcripts available online in the fall of 2006
  • Mildred and Marv Conney of Madison, Wisconsin, made a very generous donation in the summer of 2008. Without this gift, the project could not have succeeded. We remain grateful for their financial and moral support at that crucial time


  • Lindsay Nauen and Peter Gordy conducted the first interview in 1974 and 1975
  • David Mandel photographed of most of the survivors during the interviews
  • Sara Leuchter and Jean Loeb Lettofsky
    • conducted 23 interviews between December 1979 and February 1981
    • supervised the initial indexing of the audiotapes
    • wrote the 1983 finding aid for the collection, Guide to Wisconsin Survivors of the Holocaust: a Documentation Project of the Wisconsin Jewish Archives (Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1983)
    • researched most of the survivors' biographical and historical information
  • Ellen D. Goldlust-Gingrich oversaw the partial transcription of 14 interviews in the early 1990s for the book she co-authored with Michael E. Stevens, Voices of the Wisconsin Past: Remembering the Holocaust (Madison: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1997.) This transcription formed the core of the complete transcripts available today

Digital collection development

  • Danika Morphew-Tarbuck researched audience needs and methods for digitizing the audio recordings. She also selected most of the 190 photographs used online
  • Bob Wasserman converted the audiotapes from analog to digital format
  • Digital Collection development was overseen by these project coordinators
    • Jonathan Cooper
    • Paul Hedges
    • Sally Jacobs
    • Michael Edmonds

Website development

  • Carolyn Matney transcribed most audiotapes
  • Jen Champoux, Angela Milock and Katie Rudolph performed the initial metadata work
  • Mike Ullmer and Mariessa Dobrick selected most of the excerpts
  • Transcripts were proofread against the audio by the following people
    • Bill Bessler
    • Jen Champoux
    • Madeline Diemer
    • Mariessa Dobrick
    • Becca DuBey
    • Christina Johnson
    • Tyler Kennedy
    • Vivianna Loaiza
    • Elizabeth Phan
    • Omar Poler
    • Laurie Swimm
    • Dennis Trest
    • Megan Wiseman
    • Daniel Wolf
    • Danielle Ziegler
  • Mariessa Dobrick created the final index database, transcribed audiotapes, proofread pages, and helped in other important ways too numerous to list
  • Scott Jennings created the collection's search application
  • Cathy Klima and Angie Truby designed and built the user interface for the site. We would not be able to listen to or read these stories without their hundreds of hours of meticulous editing and web development

Finally, a special thank you to the many unnamed individuals who made valuable contributions and suggestions for this project. Their talents and assistance are sincerely appreciated.