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5. Concentration Camps & Forced Labor

Death march to Dachau

In the summer of 1944, Salvator Moshe was among 4,000 Jews force-marched from Warsaw to the extermination camp at Dachau

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"The march was close to five days, five, six days it was, until we went to Russia [sic]. On the third day, they give— they stop on the river. They told [us] we can have water.

We went inside the river and there was a bridge, a pond, and the soldiers were watching.

I was drinking [and] another fellow next to me, he was drinking water, but I heard bullets. They shooting. 'Zzz, zzz, zzz.' Coming.

All of a sudden, I see the man next to me, he bend. I tried to grab him, to pick him up; he had one in his shoulder. I left the man there. I couldn't do nothing with him. I went out.

A few people they kill just like, you see a bird, you know, to make fun; you want to shoot a bird?

They were doing this while they were watching, and shooting the people drinking water.

We went back on the road people couldn't walk. They stopped. There was a German officer going with a jeep up and down, shooting.

We were four thousand people on the road.

Exactly, I don't know how many people we arrived in Dachau, our destination. The rest were shot on the road."

Moshe Interview, Tape 4, Side 1
Transcript page 66 (PDF, 526 KB)

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