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4. Hiding

Starvation torments Ukrainian Jews hiding in the forest

In 1943, Lucy Baras escaped from a Nazi labor camp into the Ukraine forest, where she joined a band of other Jews living hand to mouth

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"Well, we had to take the chance. There was no doubt about it. We had to take the chance, yes.

When we went to the city, we took a terrible chance, because many of them were killed going to the city. But what else can you do? Starve yourself?

There was one in our group — not in our group, in another group, but in the same forest — who was afraid to go out for food. He only ate what somebody gave him. People had pity on him and gave him something.

Finally, he decided one day he will. Everybody was starving. People didn't want to share with somebody who wouldn't go. So finally he decided he will go.

The minute he went out of the forest, he was killed. One German and one local man, a Gentile, were going hunting. They had the guns with them, and they saw him and they killed him.

So it's luck. He never went out; that was the first time he went out. So everybody who went out searching for food risked his life."

Baras Interview, Tape 4, Side 1
Transcript page 73 (PDF, 665 KB)

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