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3. Ghettoes

Jewish hospital burned down by Germans in Lithuania

Harry Gordon was 16-years-old when the Nazis formed a large ghetto in his hometown, Kovno

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"In the big ghetto we also had a hospital.

So when the next action came, the first things they done was there is young kids, young kids, sick people, the doctors and nurses, whoever was in the hospital, they started on fire and burned the whole hospital with the people in it. The sick ones, the doctors, the nurses, everybody.

People tried to jump from the windows from the second, from the third floor, in flames on the ground. It was miserable.

So that's what they done to the Jewish hospital in the big ghetto.

Then is when my dad disappeared, in the second action, and then I didn't see him anymore 'till 1944."

Gordon Interview, Tape 2, Side 1
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