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7. Resistance

A female prisoner at Auschwitz kills a guard

Walter Peltz, imprisoned at Auschwitz 1943-1944, witnessed the events that led to a guard's murder and the subsequent retaliation by the Germans

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"Now those women were not allowed to go during the day to the barracks.

They were getting dried out from the sun and hunger, no food, no water, clothes were shabby and torn.

So when they brought in the shingles and they unloaded the shingles next to a barrack, and when the truck left, some of those girls climbed up on the shingles and they did sit down on the shingles. That [Nazi guard] Schillinger saw that they climbed up on those shingles.

He came in all around, came into the camp there, to that section, and started to beat and kick the women. Horrible. That they are ruining the shingles.

But this woman had a lot of guts to go up to him and told him and says, 'The shingles are more important than human beings, that you are killing so many?'

And she pointed her finger to the crematorium. So he hit her so hard that she fell to the ground and turned around and start to walk away. She ran after him, pulled out his own gun and killed him.

[...] They took all the two hundred women, they gassed them right away."

Peltz Interview, Tape 4, Side 2
Transcript page 73 (PDF, 802 KB)

All Survivors' Excerpts

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