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7. Resistance

Why resistance was futile in the camps

For three years, teenager Harry Gordon was shuffled between the Kovno Ghetto and forced labor camps in Lithuania

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Interviewer: Was there any resistance at all going on in the slave labor camps?

"There was no resistance no place. That was the whole trouble There wasn't any resistance. You didn't even think about any resistance in them camps.

First of all, where were you going to run? The Lithuanians didn't like the Jews. They were very anti-Semitic. Now, where would you run?

How long could you hold out? If you could get in contact with the partisans or with the Russian guerilla fighters, if you had a chance, how far would you have to run? How far did you have to go?

And you were not in shape. You were not in the... what is it called? And they had us in such a mental state you know, degradation. We were so dehumanized. That's the way I was thinking.

I wasn't even thinking about running away. The only thing I was thinking, in particular me, is how I could get along that day, how I can find enough food to survive that day."

Gordon Interview, Tape 3, Side 1
Transcript page 44 (PDF, 474 KB)

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