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9. Postwar Life & Immigration

A Polish survivor stands up to neo-Nazis in Milwaukee

Cyla Stundel watched Nazis murder her family in a Polish ghetto and hid for two years in a forest — Years later, she came face-to-face with Nazis again in Wisconsin

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"I went downtown one time, shopping and I saw the Nazi standing there with the swastikas on the arms and a woman came over to me, she wanted to give me literature.

And then everything went before my eyes and I begin to fight with her.

I told her, 'You giving me this. What? You killed my sisters and brothers and six million Jews?'

And I got so hysterical; I told them they'll have the same end what Eichmann had and Hitler. And even this day yet that everything and I wished and I told them that a different language and bad things.

I cursed them and I they got, I think, scared. And my blood pressure went up. I went numb.

People went through; they didn't pay even attention. They thought that I'm stupid to stand up against my rights and I didn't think that I was stupid to stand up.

Later on, I went in the store and I couldn't and I took the bus, I didn't want to go through back.

They got scared maybe I'll make a riot, me! Six Nazis with like the troopers with the flags and the boots and the helmets like in the Old Country. The Nazis they was walking back and forth that thought that I'll make a riot.

I came home. I cried. I called up my son and I told him. He said, 'Mama, I'm proud of you, you done this.'"

Stundel Interview, Tape 5, Side 1
Transcript page 84 (PDF, 450 KB)

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