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9. Postwar Life & Immigration

Two Czech brothers reunite after the war

After surviving labor camps and death marches, Louis Koplin and his brother, Bernie, spent months searching all over Europe for each other

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"We practically chased each other all over Europe.

Whatever town we came to, I heard about him being in a particular city. By the time I got there, of course he was gone.

But he heard the same way about me and of course, by the time he got after me, he was gone.

But eventually we did meet up at home, and that is in our own home birthplace.

And I found out about that also by hearsay, by somebody telling me, 'Now he is home. If you go there right now, you'll find him.'

Interviewer: This was in Nelipeno?

"And then this was in Nelipeno. And I remember, I don't know how it happened, because we obviously did not know, there was no such communication possible for us to let each other know that we were coming.

But all I know is, I was coming from the direction of Svaljava, which is in the south of that small town. And as I approached the last so-called elevation — so to speak, a little hill, after which you approached that small town, the small village. All I know that as I was approaching that little hill — and there was a bridge there, too, and — I started seeing the tops of the huts and houses.

There he appeared beyond the horizon coming toward me.

And I'll never forget that scene when he must have seen me in the same time, and we both ran toward each other.

And of course it was a very nice event, which I don't think we'll ever forget."

Koplin Interview, Tape 4, Side 2
Transcript page 70 (PDF, 513 KB)

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