Wisconsin Historical Society

The Campaign for a New Wisconsin History Museum

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The time for a new museum

Like us, you believe that history matters. That people appreciate history through the telling of good stories. That our past inspires us, gives meaning to our lives, informs our decisions and is critical to our future.

Thank you for your interest in the exciting plans for a new Wisconsin History Museum – a 21st-century museum that will share history like nothing that exists today.

Preliminary timeline

  • education
  • storytelling
  • education
  • storytelling

The next chapter of our state’s history is being written, and the Wisconsin Historical Society has a rare opportunity to deliver an unforgettable modern history museum to celebrate and honor Wisconsin. To make a new museum a reality, we need you now.

If you want to learn more about why this extraordinary project will transform how history is gathered, shared and experienced across Wisconsin for the next century, contact Julie Lussier, Wisconsin Historical Foundation Director of Development, at 608.261.9587 or julie.lussier@wisconsinhistory.org.