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Benefits of Participation in NHD

National History Day in Wisconsin

National History Day in Wisconsin: Benefits of Participation | Wisconsin Historical Society
EnlargeTeacher in front of a class of high school history students.

National History Day Classroom

Both students and teachers gain valuable experience from taking part in National History Day.


National History Day gives students the opportunity to develop skills necessary for a successful future. NHD is unique from other academic enrichment opportunities because of the variety of skills it employs. These include critical and creative thinking, research and analysis, verbal and written communication skills, and time management and problem-solving.


The National History Day program provides teachers with an innovative tool to teach important skills in a fun and engaging format. NHD requires students to take on the role of a historical detective. Participants must delve into primary sources, develop original historical conclusions, and present their work in a creative forum. In short, National History Day is designed to revolutionize teaching and learning history.

Meeting the Standards

National History Day has been designed to meet a breadth of state and national standards.

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