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Special Award Topic Ideas for National History Day in Wisconsin Competitions

NHD Competitions

Special Awards at National History Day in Wisconsin Competitions | Wisconsin Historical Society

Special awards are offered at each level of National History Day competitions; regional, state and national contests. These awards are provided by sponsoring institutions.

Regional Events

  • American Labor History: The Wisconsin Labor History Society offers special awards for topics related to the study of Labor History topics at all regional NHD events and the Wisconsin State Event.
  • Other special awards are offered by regional event sponsoring institutions. Contact your regional coordinator for more information on awards specific to each contest.

State Event

Awards subject to change. The final award list will be included in the state event registration materials.

  • American Labor History
  • Archival Research
  • Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/)
  • Early American History
  • Environmental History
  • Local History
  • Wisconsin History
  • Women in History
  • Civil Rights History

National Contest

A variety of topic special prizes are also offered at the national level. Read more about these on the NHD website.

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