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Teacher Handbook for National History Day in Wisconsin (PDF)

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Teacher Handbook (PDF) | National History Day in Wisconsin | Wisconsin Historical Society

Foster your students' enthusiasm for learning through National History Day. Learn about the entire process and the major benchmarks your students will meet along the way with our NHD in Wisconsin teacher guide. Bringing NHD into your classroom gives you a chance to engage your students in their own scholarship while meeting a breadth of standards.

  • Download the 2014 Teacher Handbook for NHD in Wisconsin
    (PDF, 1.1 MB)

    The Teacher Handbook covers:

    • Timeline for participation
    • Benchmarks for the NHD year
    • Selecting topics and the annual NHD theme
    • Historical research strategies
    • Developing thesis statements
    • Classroom evaluation rubrics
    • Sample parent letters and handouts

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