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Wisconsin Topic Ideas (PDF) | National History Day in Wisconsin | Wisconsin Historical Society

Wisconsin history is full of great topics for your National History Day project. There is history all around us and your National History Day project can help you to find amazing local stories that helped shape your history!

With local resources and strong research, you can become an authority on your topic. Plus your project could be more competitive than those of students across the state or nation who choose national or worldwide topics.

Benefits of Wisconsin Topics

  • You many have more resources available to you if you choose a topic based on the state or city in which you live. This is especially evident in the availability of primary sources (such as newspaper articles, photos, or letters) which will provide a strong foundation for your project and are easily accessible through state resources and research outlets.
  • Local connections may surprise you. Perhaps an influential individual from Wisconsin lived in your own community and helped shape the way you live today. This personal connection may help you throughout the project as you learn more about your home and the ties to your own life.

For your project, you'll need to consider each potential topic to see how it could fit this year's theme. Many topics listed are very broad. To make a suitable project, you will need to narrow the topic you select. Starting with good research will help you narrow your topic and produce a strong argument, the basis of a clear project.

The lists below are by no means complete or exhaustive of Wisconsin history. There are many, many more fantastic topics to consider!

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