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'Industrialization' Field Trip

Old World Wisconsin - a historic site

Old World Wisconsin 'Industrialization' Field Trip | Wisconsin Historical Society

On this field trip in the Crossroads Village students will:

  • Experience firsthand how small town life began to change as railroad commerce challenged craft workers and local businesses to compete with new goods and services.
  • Help craftsmen, like the wagon maker and blacksmith, ply their trades while explaining how the "new" economy affected their lives.
  • Visit the general store and see how goods from factories out East came to the Midwest.
EnlargeA blacksmith works with fire.

Old World Wisconsin in Eagle, WI

Experience firsthand how life in small towns began to change as the railroads challenged craft workers and local businesses to compete with new goods and services.

EnlargeA steam tractor replaces horses on the farm.

Old World Wisconsin in Eagle, WI

Students will help craftsmen like the wheelmaker and blacksmith ply their trades while they explain how the "new" economy affected their lives.

Program Details
Length 60 minutes
Availability Weekdays, late Apr - mid Jun; late Sep - late Oct
Maximum group size Our mix-and-match scheduling options allow you to customize tours for any size group, from 10 students to more than 150. For example, three total stations can accommodate up to a maximum of 75 students at a time. If you schedule two or more 1-hour programs simultaneously, a group of 150 students can attend.
Location The Crossroads Village at Old World Wisconsin, Eagle, WI 53119
Lunch Time can be scheduled for students to eat a sack lunch on the grounds.
Grade Level 3rd - 12th
Cost $5 for two different one-hour programs

$7 for three different one-hour programs

Free adult admission with every 10 students

$13 each additional adult admission

Our mix-and-match 1-hour programs allow you to make your own unique Old World Wisconsin experience. Choose two or three selections from seven 1-hour tour options for a full day experience.

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About Old World Wisconsin

Explore 19th century and early 20th century rural Wisconsin, a time when waves of immigrants flocked to America's heartland in search of a better life.

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